Monday, 24 October 2011

If only I were rich...

Apart from the transparent macs at Burberry (ones that snow fell for, let alone everyone else), whilst excitedly and furiously flicking through the September issue of British VOGUE and ELLE Collections for the latest on the Autumn/Winter trends, I myself have spied my favourites...

YSL ring

Dolce & Gabbana clutch

Miu Miu shoes


Monday, 17 October 2011

Pic of the week

Lara Stone  |  by Angelo Pennetta 
T | Autumn 2011

OK, so my obsession with Lara Stone has gone beyond the realms of girl crush.. she is fast becoming one of my favourite models of today and a face that I could stare at relentlessly for hours. She has such a striking beauty, an unconventional look about her which I love with a face resembling Brigitte Bardot. Roll all these into one and you get a supermodel who if was on every cover of magazine, I really wouldn't mind.

This picture is similar to that what you see outside my window today- the sun just trying to break through the cold air and cloudy skies, only I will not be opting for denim mini shorts a la Stone. I shall leave that to the stunning Lara. The weather just isn't as warm as it looks here anyway and I don't care what anyone says, this woman is beautiful and I simply cannot get enough of her.

Do you have the same opinion of Lara? Who are your favourite supermodels?


Monday, 10 October 2011

...Come on get happy!

"Turn that frown upside down..."
"Smile like you mean it..."
"If you're happy and you know it..." 
I could go on forever. 

But I promise you I won't. 

Instead, I shall share with you a range of beautiful, interesting and happy 
photographs which convey just that- a positive emotion.

 If you're happy, give the world a smile. It makes you feel and look good and is soo better than a frown that's for sure! It makes a change for a model to smile too, do you agree?

 Either way, enjoy the images.

Which is your favourite?
What are you happy about at the moment?

 BIG SMILES please!

 Arizona Muse  |  VOGUE Paris  |  Oct 2011

Nicole Trunfio  |  LoveCat  |  #2

Chiara Clemente  |  Purple Fashion  |  A/W 2011

Constance Jablonski  |  VOGUE Brazil  |  Aug 2011

Julija Step  |  How To Spend It  |  Sep 2011

Kim Noorda  |  Tank  |  Autumn 2011

Lara Stone  |  T  |  Autumn 2011

 Lara Stone  |  V  |  #73

 Natalia Vodianova  |  L'Officiel Ukraine  |  July 2011

Dana  |  Oyster  |  #94


Saturday, 1 October 2011

LFW: Day 5 Georgia Hardinge

It isn't often I say this but I would happily wear every piece from Hardinge's S/S '12 collection- it was beautiful, streamlined, structured and very elegant. My favourite piece was the excessively floating dress which sashayed across people's feet on the front row and blew about abundantly as the model floated down the catwalk. Absolutely perfect to wear on holiday with a pair of chunky platform wedged sandals, which I myself swear by every summer. Hardinge's choice of footwear- chunky laced Jeffrey Campbell boots which complemented the serene like quality to the overall collection. Titled 'Cubed' because of the cubism pattern applied to sheer fabric, I felt it was slightly safari-esque with the brown and grey colour palette applied to see-through shirts. Both were a stark contrast to the freshness and cleanness of the blocks of white in the form of a lampshade skirts, pale grey tones and vibrant blocks of bright orange. Boxy shapes, patterns that resembled sexy cut outs, high-wasted trousers and loose fitting garments were all interesting elements to such a great collection- certainly one of my favourites this season. I personally adored the all in 1 orange jumpsuit and the exposed collars make an otherwise mundane accompaniment to trousers, fun, creative and certainly showing the craftsmanship of a well travelled and hard working designer who is supported by the industry. She is definitely one to look out for seasons to come, whilst she is creating a successful label as an established creator of fashion. 

Thanks to working with the PR company who represents Hardinge, I had the opportunity to view the collection and the smiling faces of the friends and family (and The Clothes Show's Caryn Franklin who was talking on her mobile and scribbling away at her notebook) in attendance. Her nan was rather funny taking pictures of everything and everyone as the crowd of people were waiting for the show to commence. I only wish I had the means to buy a few pieces because my wardrobe is waiting for something as amazing as this.

What are your thoughts on the collection? Which designers have stood out for you this season?