Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Vote for me!

I have entered a competition to win a 6 month paid internship at ELLEuk.com and need all the votes I can get!

I would appreciate it soooo much it is unbelievable and you would be making me very happy indeed if you took a few seconds to click on the link below, then on "PICK ME".



It really would be WONDER FULL xxx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Put Your Foot In It

I am completely obsessed with high heels, like any other fashion junkie. I have been for years since I bought my first pair, which then felt sky high but have nothing on the massive platforms I slip my feet into now. I love the huge black thick strapped styles and the floral wedged 1970 platforms (beginning the excitement for spring/summer dressing) alike. Heels can entirely transform an outfit, dress up simple combos or give a look an edgy twist and this is just an homage, really, to the high heel.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Ever Changing Faces of Goldie Hawn

I'm a big fan of Goldie Hawn- she is hilariously brilliant in her films and she seems to have an eternal youthful beauty (much like her character in Death Becomes Her, although not as fragile!) There were heaps of her films on over Christmas- Private Benjamin, Overboard and my one of my all time favourite films, Death Become Her which are all examples of such sheer comic genius. More recently, it was The First Wives's Club with it's all star cast and the strong theme of women empowerment. I would definitely recommend that you watch it. Although Hawn has starred in so many films, these three come in at top of the list both for both her and her funniness.

Take a look at the following film stills of some of Hawn's ever-changing looks from some the 80s and 90s comedies...

The Snob 
The Housewife




Private Benjamin
The Bride

The Soldier



Death Becomes Her

The Slob
The Glamour Puss

I cannot go on enough about it enough, as you well know- I simply adore the 1960s era- the youth revolution, the clothes, the yet another change in society, especially for women. Goldie Hawn is a golden oldie and in her heydey she was much like Twiggy in that she wore short dresses, applied black eye liner and pale lipstick and had a short bobbed haircut. I love that too. Soo sixties. And later on, the Bardot-esque pumped up barnet. Effortless and absolutely stunning. Perhaps that's the reason why I'm beginning to love Duffy so much.


Saturday, 15 January 2011


 Rings by Primark, Tiffany & Co., George, Next and H&M
Shorts by Motel @ Choice
Tights by Marks and Spencer
Sandals by ASOS.com

Catwalk images from STYLE.com



My Uncle quite recently moved into a new house; a completely blank canvas, a haven to do with what you will. He had been rooting about the loft and found some antiques; a leather pouch and a quirky compact mirror and gave them to me. I love all things retro, adore the 60s era, old, interesting items, antiques, vintage finds- basically anything that wasn't made in my era! I have no idea about the origin of either of them but both were gathering dust just waiting for somebody to find them and give them a new home. I just thought I'd share with you, these little delights...

What vintage finds have you given a new home?


Monday, 3 January 2011

A fashionable Christmas

As I posted earlier, I didn't ask for much this Christmas but I did get the 2 things I really wanted- the leopard print dress from TOPSHOP and of course, the retro fur collar jacket. (The Mulberry pouch and floral dress I have had for a while now and the camel ZARA dress and uber high black leather platforms from ASOS were presents to myself!) The rest I unwrapped on Christmas morning, rather excitedly. The best surprise were the cork platform sandals, which I were given after dinner (a family tradition), especially as I never did manage to get my hands on them over the summer as I thought they had sold out.

On that note, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and exciting New Year. Let's make it even more fashionable and eventful than the last...

What surprise additions were under your tree this year?


Another 5 favourites...

Kate Winslet- The English Rose

Lily Allen- The Catwalk Singer

Angelina Jolie- The Action Star

Fearne Cotton- The Indie DJ

Rosie H. Whiteley- The Supermodel