Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fancy a male model or two?

I have recently became absolutely addicted to the exceedingly popular "social media" site Pinterest and thus have been pinning anything and everything I like the look of. And I mean everything. From a pair of Christian Louboutins, a Madonna album cover, to the men I fancy, I have been posting like a maniac. I have to do it constantly for work which makes the temptation to "pin" even greater. I am seriously considering rehab.

Well I do have a point here and that is male models are bloody gorgeous. Rough, long-haired, skinny, smoking.. there are a few that have caught my eye and I will be beginning to post a series of photographs, peppering my blog with a model's face or two, all for you to drool over. You're welcome. 

The temptation to not only spend hours copying links but to stare into my computer screen, feeling giddy when another image flicks on the screen of a let's just say fudging gorgeous tattoo clad indie kid with that slicked 50s hair and a fag hanging from his mouth is due to a certain male model. That would be Ash Stymest to be exact, who comes in the exact form I describe above and having spotted after being recently introduced to elite model management's new Tumblr page, inspired me to pin that gorgeous face of his, of course. I mean, what else? And ultimately designate an entire post to male models. I will be posting more than once, in fact it will be continuously over the next month until my supply runs out (this seems unlikely).

I hope you lot are pinning too. It does come with a warning, like Twitter, as it is VERY addictive, but if you are addicted already, please do follow.  

Enjoy the pictures. There will be more to come...

Ash Stymest
The Indie Kid

Noah Mills*
The Tanned Sexbomb

 *In case you're wondering, yes he is the sexy brother of Anthony in Sex & The City 2)

Sascha Bailey
The Retro Look



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  1. Oh I love pinterest too, and Ash Stymest would be my choice of these lovely men ;) I got your comment earlier, such a lovely thing to say - thank you I really appreciate it! x