Friday, 25 November 2011

Hidden Gem

Josefina Cisternas

I had not come across or heard of the Chilean beauty that is Josefina Cisternas before, until it was pointed out to myself by a young male on Twitter that my blog is missing the blonde swimwear model. This is my reasoning for featuring her- he can know lust over her to his heart's content...

Cisternas is a somewhat more commercial looking model than those I usually covet (Pivovarova, Ericson, Stam, Ward...) but of course, there is no denying her incredibly fresh faced beauty with her flawless, fair complexion and tumbling strands of blonde hair. Saying that, she does also suit that mild grunge look (plum lipstick, black nails, studded leather biker boots) as she so seriously models above and which was featured on VOGUE Italia online. And she carries it off seriously well. This has got to be my favourite image,  as well as those images where she looks away and not into the lens of the camera, which makes for a more interersing stance and the result is sultry and often striking. Nonetheless, the image above combines fun (bright, hazy colour effect), sexiness (swimsuit, heels, pink lipstick) with mystery (dark eye make-up, staring pose) to form a really great photo. Possibly, my favourite of them all. 

Which is your favourite?
It was rather difficult to track down a considerable number of pictures- I assumed there would be tonnes of amazing editorials in which she features, on Fashion Gone Rogue, but her name wasn't listed. More surprisingly though, the most commercial looking shot of her in the white bikini and gold hooped earrings is also another I rather enjoy. 
Maybe I have been converted.

Three years ago, she was the face of Ripley sweaters, modelled for Giambattista Valli's 2010 Resort collection and is now signed with elite Model Management, represented in Milan. I'm certain that the more famous she becomes, the edgier her editorial work will too. I particularly like the chosen image for her online credentials.

Obsession over (for now), I'd like to know what you think.
Had you heard of Cisternas before now? Do you enjoy her look? Or her work? 
Where else have you discovered her?
Do let me know! Enjoy the images. 
I know one person will...


Thursday, 24 November 2011

500 Days of Summer

"I love The Smiths."

 "Yeah I'm stalking! I mean I'm starving."

 "This is fun."

 "Nobody loves Ringo Starr." "That's what I love about him."

"I've never told anybody that before."



I tend to get quite obsessive about films I adore and 500 Days of Summer (2009) starring Zooey Deschanel (Failure To Launch- in which she is absolutely hilarious) and Joseph Gordon- Levitt (90s classic 10 Things I Hate About You) is, after watching it 3 times within a week and a half, one of my favourites. It is just beautiful; disjointed, unpredictable and wonderful to watch, as it darts backwards and forwards. It is so smartly written, sharp and above all an innovative approach to the themes it explores so well. The soundtrack is amazing too- easing between mellow, lyrical repetitiveness, up tempo beats and soft rock; The Temper Trap, Regina Spektor and The Smiths. The music is emotive and powerful, enabling you to become engrossed in the storyline and the ever present themes of falling in (and out) of love. You feel yourself entering the mindsets of both characters and undoubtedly, the result is a sense of understanding with regards to the feelings people simply have to deal with on screen. You really want them to be together.

The best aspect to the film is its completely original and non-stereotypical ideas and views that are presented to a viewer, which is certainly one of my favourite things about the film. What you have to understand about it and that is so bluntly but creatively stated at the beginning of the film with the help of a whimsical montage and the fantastic narration of Richard McGonagle, is that it is not a love story. It is a story about love. Nor it is led by the idea of sex or tarnished with overtly sexualized scenes and natures. Does this make the film appear more realistic? I think so. In parts, it is particularly funny with references to popular culture, memorable one liners and at times, main supporting cast members being the subject of hilarity. But it doesn't shy from resembling the truth and is most definitely not frightened to appear blunt or harsh- it delves into it head first, which I feel adds a certain enlightenment and fascination that the vast majority of films within the same category are lacking. Tapping into the idea of being ‘cruel to be kind', it shows how hard 'relationships' can be and even if we do not always have mutual feelings about one another, life goes on and you will eventually find happiness. Just right now is not the time, but it could be tomorrow. 

Deschanel is truly beautiful with a retro quality and is so very pretty; she is completely seductive without intention, which is what I think makes her character so endearing and interesting. You simply feel the need to be captured by her beauty and stare at her, which is something of an attractive, rather unique quality, combined and emphasised with her sweet persona and femininity.

As for her male counterpart, Gordon-Levitt is handsome and it is he in this case, who remains the more sensitive and receptive character. He is ‘geek-chic’ in a way, with his rolled up sleeves and red tie- something I find very attractive about him. And there is not a greased loin in sight. I actually fancy him quite a lot. His slicked back hair and suit look is something you do not want to miss, I assure you. Wow. I enjoy the styling throughout, which is of course something I noticed, as well as everything else about the film. It is subtle and simple, which is at times, a substantial contrast to their characters and the issues they are faced with. Nonetheless, both are witty and erudite, enjoy music and have goals they want to fulfill, just like any other couple. Only they are not a couple. And it's just that such goals will be reached at altering times in their lives. But they will happen if they are 'meant to be'...

500 Days of Summer is passionate, poignant, moving, consuming, unpredictable and absolutely heart-breaking but it is one of the most wonderful stories you will ever know.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Indulge In Me

Anja Rubik | VOGUE Paris | Sep 2011 

Anna Selezneva | VOGUE Russia | Sep 2011

Carola Remer | VOGUE Germany | Sep 2011

Joan Smalls | VOGUE Italia | Aug 2011

Daria Strokous | W Korea | Aug 2011

Juliana Forge | Helmet | #2

Karmen Pedaru | VOGUE China | Sep 2011

Karmen Pedaru | Interview | Sep 2011

Raquel Zimmermann | i-D | Pre-fall 2011

Saskia de Brauw | VOGUE Japan | Sep 2011


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vivid vs. monochrome.. which is your favourite?

Colourful = summery, mezmerising, nostalgic, vibrant, passionate, mixture, glowing


Black & White = sultry, mysterious, sexy, fun, serene, beautiful, captivating?

or both? 

Which are your favourite images and why?
Alina Baikova  |  VOGUE Australia  |  Nov 2011
Sasha Pivovarova  |  VOGUE Paris  |  Oct 2011 

Asha  |  Kurv  |  #024
Natalia Vodianova  |  VOGUE Turkey  |  Sep 2011

Diana Sur  |  L'Officiel Ukraine  |  Oct 2011

Krystal Glynn  |  Remix  |  Oct 2011

Ekat Kiseleva  |  ELLE Ukraine  |  Sep 2011

Simona Stoyanova  |  Amica  |  Oct 2011

Karlina Caune  |  Schön!  |  #14

Tati Cotliar  |  Twin  |  #5


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

" I want a white house with blue shutters..."

How beautiful is this editorial? 
Picture perfect, don't you think?
I adore retro and this is it at it's best. 
Love. Love. Love!
Some may say that it is too sweet looking, a bit cliche but I myself think it just the right combination of fun and elegance
And those shoes! Wow!
I need them on my feet as soon as possible.
The same goes for my wrist and that amazing Tiffany & Co. cuff!
I am actually in love with them both, as I am this series of photographs, the rest of which you can lust over here.
Anja, you stunner. 
You get it right. 

VOGUE US  |  Sep '11
by Alex Prager
(Heading - quote from film The Notebook)