Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New York here I come!


As of tomorrow I will be in the Big Apple (the city that never sleeps as they say, or rather, Frank sang so beautifully) and so you won't be hearing from me in just over a week. I am excited (who wouldn't be?), have an enormous sense of anticipation in my stomach and a longing to seek adventures in a city I have never before ventured but have imagined/seen/heard so much about.

So, I am off to seek that out but in the meantime, thanks for reading and stay tuned for all the goings on in NYC when I'm back!

Hope it dragggggs!   ; )


Monday, 25 April 2011

A funny end to the Easter weekend...

Although not related to Easter in the slightest, all the talk of rabbits reminded me of a hilarious incident from Sex and the City (plus I am off to New York on Friday and have, I dare say it, an empire state of mind and am seriously looking forward to roaming the city for the first time and sipping Cosmos somewhere amazing, even if they are alcohol-free). So, I thought I'd share with you this funny clip to round off the long weekend on a high and hopefully make you laugh...


Friday, 22 April 2011

It's Hopping Mad!



It seems everyone and I mean everyone, is getting into the Easter spirit (look out for the Ann Summer's Easter-themed advertising of their best-selling 'toy', who are even using it to their advantage, as they do the festive season). The May issue of Tatler was delightfully laden with all things rabbit and brilliantly amusing pieces related to such creatures. I adore the cover- Natalia Vodianova looking as incredible as ever (even after 3 children- there are no excuses!) with the cutest bunny ears and the colour combination- hazy grey mixed with pastel yellow and blue lettering- perfect for spring and of course, Easter time. I am getting excited for my big bag of crisps- yes, you heard right- crisps. I don't have a sweet tooth at all and a teeny tiny Celebration is enough sweetness for me in one sitting thank-you very much. Plus, I am off to New York next week as part of a Uni trip in collaboration with the Parson's new school, in which I am mirroring a student there- a talented young designer named Paige Kettering and my time has been filled with shopping for this. My new purchases include a Missoni scarf which was a complete bargain and Russell & Bromley tasseled brogues. I have not shopped like I have done over the past few weeks, in years and to be honest, it felt really good. Plus, I am glad I am not in England for the Royal Wedding because I truly am sick of hearing about it. That aside, Easter is a great time of the year and the sun shining makes everyone that little bit happier. Tatler made me happy this month and this as well as the sunshine, shopping, preparation for New York, reading a fair amount about bunnies (and eating some crisps, of course) has landed me amongst the Easter spirit filling the air- and magazines...

                                                     Tatler Nov 1988 (Jessica Rabbit, whom I am named after)


Sunday, 17 April 2011

This is my face:

I am sure you can empathise with me, as I'm pretty adamant many of you are in your third years at Uni (Note to first years- make the most of it!) and can understand the enormous workload, endless list of things to do which seems like a never ending pile slightly resembling a mountain which you never do get to the top of.

This is my face when I find myself with 10,000 words to write in a month and a half, as part of my FMP unit creating an entirely new magazine, plus layout, plus countless competitions to enter...

This is my face when my work, I feel, is going well- I'm on top of things at least and even if I do have to do final proof reads, competitions are typed and I have a hen weekend in Brighton to look forward to...

And this is my face when I have handed everything in, have a party in which to celebrate that night, can start to really get excited about New York and can go and do some very serious shopping.

Yay. I literally have never looked forward to a deadline so much.

The dreaded stomach-turning thought of handing in aside (a mixture of excitement, of course and a smidgen of nervousness when faced with the reality that this is the last piece of major academic work), I have a whole lot of things to look forward to this year. It is a big important and eventful one and I make myself happy just thinking about it and I want to wack on Robin S and dance wildly around the room like the much younger person I feel.

Well, when the eveing of 15th April came, this was exactly what I was doing, all washed down with a giant glass of wine. I feel this was very well deserved.

When work is done, Jessie will play and she will play hard.

Things to look forward to:

New York
Others turning 21
Birthday Parties
My 21st Birthday
Interning (and potential job)

The rest of my life

Cliched I know, but there are chapters coming to an end and lots of new doors to open...

 Who knows what could be waiting inside?


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pic of the week

  The amazing Dame Judi Dench and Helena Bonham Carter | Opening Night of Betty Blue Eyes


Rolling in the Deep

I must say, I prefer this cover so much more than last month's, as covered by Rihanna. It is more elegant and although I do like Rihanna (I bought US Vogue yesterday), she hasn't the best voice in the world and she thinks the skimpiest form of clothing constitutes that... well, it doesn't. Although I am quite surprised that everyone is going mad for Adele recently and she has 2 albums in the charts because I thought it would all be about Jessie J and Cher Lloyd right now but nonetheless, Adele is simplicity and elegance personified. Her voice is truly amazing (as is Jessie's and Cher's, even if it was only once) and what ultimately I like about her is that is is just her and her voice in a room.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mary-Kate Olsen in Beastly

With the trailers for new film Beastly now being aired on British television (and often too) I thought I spotted Mary-Kate rightly the first time I saw it, amongst the eerie darkness, who is clearly expanding her talents further into film roles after the success of her and twin sister, Ashley's new clothing line, The Row. Starring the latest British actor to appear after his success with I Am Number Four, Alex Pettyfer, (who is certainly easy on the eye, especially with his top off) plays the lead, a man put under an almighty spell by a fellow classmate (Mary-Kate) after he is malicious towards her, leaving his body and face disfigured. I'd rather not give too much away, just in case any of you are planning to see it.

I like films like this; the way they make you think about things that happen to so many people on a daily basis (minus the witch) and it kind of puts certain circumstances into perspective- love is always there no matter what. Cheesy it may sound, but it is true. This is what the trailer made me think of anyway- it made me want to watch it, as it gives out a positive message and an important one at that. Too much is about appearance and vanity and this film shows how a man can lose everything simply because his looks have changed. And later, that when any two people are in love, none of this matters. It's the feeling that counts.

Beastly is in UK cinemas from 18th April. You can watch the trailer here.

What do you think of the trailer? Is it a film you would like to see?


Monday, 11 April 2011

Copy Cat

As part of my FMP unit at University, in which I am creating an entirely new magazine in which I included an optional photo shoot and I thought I would share some of the pictures with you. Some of which I took and are shown here are inspired by certain looks from the S/S '11 catwalks, most of which incorporated the colour blocking trend like so many of the catwalk collections last season. I am not a photographer, nor am I a stylist, but with help from a family friend's daughter, who is signed with a child model/talent agency, I organised several looks and had fun and experimented along the way and it actually turned out well. The day ran smoothly and I am personally really happy with the results- quite successful given that I am not the most talented with a camera (or a make-up brush at that) but I remained confident and enthusiastic and I think it was worth it. Nonetheless, I thought I would share with you, some of the pictures from the shoot. I'd like to know what you think of them.


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Seeing Red.

I am very glad to see that Lily Cole has retracted back to her wonderfully natural auburn locks. More classy, more fashionable and simple more beautiful. Black was just too harsh for her dewey complexion. I just hope blonde isn't next. Read the full story here.

Do you agree?


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's the year 1960...

Just got a little excited when I went online for my daily news fix and saw these amazing pictures of Fearne Cotton modelling her latest collection for Very. OK, they are not high-fashion, nor is she a model but I am absolutely obsessed (as I always say) with the 60s. And it wasn't about high-fashion then either. It was about revolution, music, youth culture, emancipation of women... and besides, Fearne has become a bit of a style icon over the past few years and she has her own great sense of style which should be celebrated. She is another successful woman in the media, whom I admire for this reason. I always ask my Mum what was it like to live then, forgetting that she was only a baby and an impressionable teenage throughout the 1970s (still, what a great time to have grown-up- I am adamant that I was born in the wrong era. Fake tan and ridiculous reality TV is not for me). 

I love the era shown in these photographs and I just wanted to share them with you. Whilst on the subject, I strongly suggest you buy April's issue of UK ELLE if you haven't already (before all copies are whisked from the shelves- I cannot seem to track down US Vogue in-store) if only to stare at one of my favourite editorials of the week, Silk Cuts (great name) which also channels retro glamour. I feel it is unlike the usual glossy style of ELLE- this appears to be more demure and soft looking, sexy and very, very feminine. 

It doesn't mean I will be rushing to buy anything, I just enjoy the era Fearne is so beautifully epitomising here with the bouncy hair, thick eye make-up and of course, the colourful Peter-Pan collared shift dress.

If only I could go back in time...

What is your favourite piece from the collection? What is your opinion of the editorial?


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

After a discussion at the dinner table tonight about who was the most attractive English beauty on viewing the new Lancome advert with Kate Winslet, it got me thinking about my choices and who others think. My sister was adamant that it is Kate (she is utterly stunning, an amazing actress and the English Rose), although Thandie Newton sprang to my mind and I'm completely in love with Emma Watson. My Dad didn't know who Thandie was and as for the other names I thought to be the most stunning; Victoria Beckham, my Dad didn't agree and Keira Knightley, whom I loved with short hair, my Mum strongly disagreed (think she has a problem with that exaggerated pout of hers) but who do you prefer?

Or is there someone else?


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Legs Eleven

Eva Longoria (another one of my favourites and by far the funniest desperate housewife) has recently got into the habit of showing off those amazing pins of hers. This week it was for the promotion of her new cookbook (she has been known to share with her Twitter followers many of her culinary delights) in a slightly shimmering navy short-suit and matching six inch satin heels after her appearance on The Late Show. They do say, if you have got it, flaunt it and she most certainly does. Glossy hair effortlessly styled in a casual but chic ponytail (think those with longer locks should adapt this trend more), heavily smoky eyes and a perfect smile to complete the look. Although not a considerably fashion-forward outfit, she does look great and stunning as always.

She does often, however, look amazing in some of Victoria Beckham's designs, notably a simple pink t-shirt dress this week for The Early Show, which is certainly something I would wear, unlike the matching navy combo.

What do you think of the short-suit?


Monday, 4 April 2011

Rule Britannia

Gap-toothed. British. Edgy. New Face. Jeans Range. Model Mum. Rock God Father. Bardot-esque. Face of Chanel. Cover Star. And she's got the "London Look."

You get the picture...

 British VOGUE | Jan 2011


So Beautiful.