Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fashion Trio

1. Now that I have an iPhone it is easier than ever to give into the social networking phenomenon that is Twitter and it's app and today whilst I was flicking through latest tweets, I discovered the ultra girlie, sixties inspired new line by Victoria Beckham, aptly named Victoria by Victoria Beckham. Read the full story from The Telegraph.

2. Also on Twitter, I learned of the latest Miu Miu handbag range for A/W '11, as posted by F.Tape named The Matelasse- chunky chain handles, large silver buckles and beautiful ruched leather, available in a variety of colours. The cream patent leather is my personal favourite. I'm wondering whether it will gain "It-bag" status next season...

3. Gwyneth Paltrow (an absolute favourite of mine as you may well know) poses topless in Vanity Fair's August issue for their annual On Jewellery calendar. Famed and personally liked due to it's detailed and interesting interviews, I will certainly buying this one even if just for the beautiful pictures of the Hollywood stunner.


Monday, 20 June 2011

Pic of the week

As someone who acts and feels far less than her almost 21 years, I think this picture somewhat conjures up the image of being a child again. The way the curlers are thrown about the room in a haphazard manner, portraying the idea that girls love to do one another's hair/make-up/nails and the way the model sits on the floor are all things which remind me of being young again and immediately I am drawn back to my own childhood memories. Even the use of bright colour alone instantly makes one think of innocence and acting completely juvenille. And immature. 


The years may have passed but my youth certainly hasn't.

Young at heart.

Other things that remind me of my childhood:
CUTS AND BRUISES from being too fast

What reminds you of yours?


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Back to Gemma Ward

I  simply  cannot  resist  ...

I find myself totally captivated by Gemma's striking beauty and her prominent gaze- you can't help but look at her. With cat-like eyes, sleek blonde hair and almost upside down pout, she is one stunning lady. A model of today.

I only wish we saw more of her ...


Monday, 13 June 2011

Pic of the week

 Anabela Belikova | by Nagi Sakai

As part of a beautifully simple and elegant fashion editorial from the April 2011 issue of Spanish Harper's Bazaar, entitled 24 Hours, this image was the one I found most striking. 

Subtle, summery and simply stunning.

The perfect interview outfit.
A suitably retro look. 
Great ensemble for a wedding.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

This Amazing Woman

Julia Roberts is an insanely talented actress whose career, spanning over a long 24 years, means she has had the opportunity and rightly so, to showcase her talents, applying that to a very wide range of roles from strong-minded, determined women to those chasing after love.

I must have first seen her in one of my favourite films of all time, Pretty Woman. Audiences found themselves falling in love with her just as much as her famous counterpart, in a story that was a mixture of touching, funny and romantic- a comedy classic. 

Sleeping with the Enemy is perhaps the most serious of roles I have seen her play and which stretched her to become a sweet but very afraid young woman who eventually leaves her violently controlling husband, plucking up the courage to flee and begin a new life elsewhere until the old one catches up with her. I shall leave it at that in case you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, in which case I recommend you do. A friend of my parent’s had a fair few years ago now and was instantly a favourite of mine, like many of Robert’s films. 

My Best Friends Wedding plays havoc with her emotions and hotel mini-bars (who remembers falling off the bed, face masks, far too many cigarettes and chasing?!) and the flawless Notting Hill. Rhys Ifans is sheer comedy brilliance ("I have a joke that will make your balls shrink to the size of raisins!"- amazing) and is such a brilliant addition to the film. Roberts plays a successful actress like herself alongside Hugh Grant, the unlucky in love and hopeless romantic who has trouble climbing a fence, let alone maintaining a successful, long-term relationship. 

Another (possibly all time) favourite amongst Robert's films, is the brilliantly directed and hugely critically acclaimed, Erin Brockovich, which based on a true story, tells the gripping (and sometimes amusing) tale of a woman who will stop at nothing whilst investigating the operation of a town's water board. Failing to obtain healthy standards and neglecting it's maintenance is causing the serious illnesses of young children and ripping apart the lives of many families living nearby. Although she has personal problems of her own and people preventing from doing her job, she lets nothing get in her way and fights for her beliefs and the small town until eventually, justice is done and those affected get the compensation they deserve. Seriously amazing viewing. No other actress could have played it as well as Roberts.

Like many of Robert's films, for me, Closer (interestingly swiveling around just the four main characters played by Natalie Portman, Jude Law and the handsome Clive Owen) and Mona Lisa Smile stand out. They both deal with controversial issues, confronting them truthfully and powerfully, in the same way the language brings this to life on screen.

Roberts is beautiful, hard-working and an inspiration, certainly to young actresses who want to become successful in film, aspiring to one day become as great an actress as she. Her expression and emotion shown on screen are the attributes which I feel prove her such talent as an actress and every character she plays, she does so with such vigour, making for a good film. She has always been my favourite and I imagine, always will be.

Self-Defense is not murder.

Closer (2004)
If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking.

Notting Hill (1999)
Can the most famous film star in the world fall for just an ordinary guy? 

Erin Brockovich (2000) 
She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees. 

Mona Lisa Smile (2003) 
In a world that told them how to think, she showed them how to live.

It's about finding the love of your life. And deciding what to do about it.

Pretty Woman (1990)
Who knew it was so much fun to be a hooker?
Roberts is starring as the Evil Queen in new film The Brother's Grimm: Snow White, alongside Lily Collins as Snow White. 


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Elie Tahari Resort 2012 Collection

Whilst in New York last month, I visited Bergdorf Goodman, the uber sophisticated and elegant department store on 5th Avenue that, shows in the most impeccable of both standards and ways, how retail should be done. Refined and beautiful, it really is worth the trip for and was one of my favourite places in New York that we had the opportunity to visit. It was there that I found the most amazing pair of Elie Tahari sandals. I haven't managed to find the exact pair I fell in love with in store, which were in gold and much better than in ivory but I didn't purchase them simply because they were too expensive. But very beautiful nonetheless. Since then, I have began to develop a love (almost obsession) with Elie Tahari and I usually take no notice of the resort collections (I tend to wait for the mainline collections held twice a year in London), however, I instantly took a liking to summery tones, blends of colours and the 1970s vibe so elegantly conceptualized in 37 outfits.

The looks made up of crisp whiteness, flowing layers of fabric and intricate gold formations are easily the best aspects of the collection- they look the most expensive and graceful, whilst remaining glamorous. I instantly envisage a wealthy older woman at an expensive location or someone incredibly chic sashaying across a beach party sipping cocktails at nightfall. I really do have holidays on my mind. Obsession number 2! 

Spurts of salmon pink brighten up the collection, as do the mustard hues on feet and in the form of several accessories- snakeskin holdalls and metallic belts. The 1970s flared jeans add a certain nostalgic element combined with the maxi dresses, billowing gold sleeves and of course, the turbans. For those of you who are fans, Carrie dons these at least twice in the Sex and the City 2 film and Bergdorf Goodman features at the beginning.

The rest of the collection has a more urban feel to it with the neutral colour palette- beige, black and dark grey. Black ends the collection but although head to toe black, the sheerness of the fabric and peep toe shoe, keeps it feminine and pretty, thus completing the overall collection perfectly. The plain blue blazer works well with the patterned body-con pencil skirt and the sheen of the belt. Bronze tones and pale blue make for a great combination. It is the looseness, almost effortlessness created at the end and the serene ladylike glamour we see at the beginning that gives the overall aesthetic versatility and variation- perfect for a resort collection. Elegant, breezy, retro, smart... all words that apply. My favourite pieces, though, are the belted blue blazer, beige and black blocked summer dress and the beautiful white loose-fitting maxi. This would look great with gold shoes, that combined with those incredible gold cuffs, is an ideal evening outfit- even better in an exotic location.

What are your favourite looks? Did any other collection stand out for you?

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Fun Fact of the Day!

I was named after
Jessica Rabbit

My mother pregnant. 
Watching the cartoon classic
 with my Dad.
 What about the name Jessica?
I like it.
And that was that.

They did right.


You got groped!

My, there was a lot of touchy feely behaviour going on in La-La Land last night...

On looking at all the outfits from last night's MTV awards in Los Angeles, I was rather struck by the effortless simplicity of Mila Kunis' outfit and her sleek dark brown hair and it goes without saying that Emma Watson looked great- stylish, modern and for me, completely outshing Selena Gomez (can somebody tell me what she actually does besides dating Bieber?). Emma's ensemble was more elegant and refined, even though her hairstyle has grown out.

I was looking to see more of Kunis, who was nominated for best kiss alongside Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman and when I did it was her both groping and being groped by the unkempt looking Justin Timberlake.

The absolute blase nature of their facial expressions and the full on cupping of, er, bits is what I found completely hilarious. And then it was the stunning Cameron Diaz and very funny Jason Segal with arms around each other smiling away and clearly enjoying the attention of the paparazzi. Both star in new film Bad Teacher that was emblazoned on our television screens at the weekend. It does look rather funny and I must admit, I do want to see it but will not be rushing to the cinema when it is released in the UK on 24th June. 

What do you make of the girls' outfit choices? Do you find the 'grope stunt' funny?


Pic of the Week

I wanna
with somebody. I wanna
feel the heat
I wanna dance with somebody.
With somebody
loves me."

Location/photographer/model unknown. 
But I wanted to share it with you anyway simply due to the fact that I enjoy the fun element to it; she clearly wants to have a good time and loves to dance, just like me.
My cousin was 21 on Friday and is having a BIG party with family and mutual friends on Saturday and I am very excited about it, as is she. She informed me on Friday night whilst we were out dowing shots and trying to move on the crowded dancefloor at Sugar Hut (some of you may know it!) that all she has left to do is buy the cake and balloons!

I have had my outfit planned for weeks and cannot wait to dance the night away and well, have a really brilliant night.

Did you go out this weekend? 
Are there any exciting events in your diaries? 

Do tell...


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sail away with me Honey...

Inspired by the lyrics of a certain David Gray song (ones that will forever remind me of a cruise spent, well, cruising the beautiful seas of the Caribbean and Mexico; singing them as we slipped away from Miami harbour). Sigh. I am in desperate need of a holiday and I was hoping to be sitting on the beach or lying by the pool (preferably with waiters in tight shorts at my every beck and call... "Another Bloody Mary please!") by the time I hit the big 2-1, but something is yet to be booked. The weather has been quite nice in England, I hasten to add, but it's not the same without a pool.. and no men swanning about. But I am pessimistic- adamant that I will be planning a trip soon. I'm thinking Malta (has anyone been?) or Italy (Mmm.) In the meantime, if you have a longing feeling to get abroad, these beautiful holiday-related pictures will cheer you up. If there is nothing on the horizons as of yet, if the sun is shining, go outside and enjoy it...

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