Friday, 19 November 2010


How exciting! Just seen the advert for the new Lanvin and H&M collaboration. T-shirts with faces on, ruffles galore and lots of fun frolics in hotel rooms. Will definetly be checking out the collection soon, before everything has whizzed off the rails with the ferociousness of every fashionista. Love, love, love the look of it and might even be tempted to invest in a couture piece in time for the coming festive season.

What do you think of the collection?

 That's my New Year's Eve outfit sorted, then. 

Model Behaviour

I am absolutely obsessed with models and completely fascinated by the exciting lives they lead, the clothes they get to strut down the catwalk wearing and the parties they are invited to, rubbing shoulders with the A-list of the fashion industry. Who can honestly say they wouldn't want that life? Fun, hectic, exciting, just a few of the reasons why I have the ambition of becoming a fashion journalist. I'm not tall enough to be a model anyway... Although there are not a long list of names on my favourite model list, there are a few who I adore and Sasha definitely comes out on top. She is featured in ELLE magazine this month, for their December issue where she comes in at number 12 on The Model Power List. I just love everything about her and she totally deserves to be credited for being, as ELLE quite rightly puts it, one of 'the biggest names in the industry'. ELLE, I couldn't agree more.

Who is your favourite model?

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous


Last night, the American mockumentary style, dark comedy film Drop Dead Gorgeous was on and as I hadn't seen it before I looked at the review. On finding that another one of my favourites, Kirsten Dunst starred, I thought I'd give it a try. As un-PC 90's films go, this topped it and like all the other films of that time, it was worth watching just for the line-up. It really is such a stereotypically US teen movie, taking the mickey, whilst being brash and hilarious. It got me thinking about how much the main characters have changed over the years since the decade I was born- nostalgia really hit in!



But on a more serious note, it reminded me of Brittany Murphy's tragic death and as it is the 1st year anniversary next month, this is my way of remembering her life. She will not only be remembered for her acting ability, striking beauty and chameleon look but also for her legacy as one of the best actresses of the 90's.

R.I.P Brittany Murphy 10/11/1977 - 20/12/2009

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Me, published?

Exciting news! This week, I had my first piece of work published online for Amelia's magazine!

To read it, see the link below.


Starlet, Star Bright

Emma Watson may well be the luckiest girl alive in the world right now. She is rich, stunningly beautiful and intelligent, of course. I don't say it often but if ever there was someone I envy, it would be her without a doubt. She has acted in one of the highest grossing and longest running films of all time, modelled for British fashion mogul, Burberry (plus was front row at the London comeback show)  and graced the cover of the fashion magazine, all whilst studying at an American university. There can't be that much more on the to-do list.

For me, she is one of my favourites and definitely flying the flag for Britain, for all the right reasons. The Twiggy inspired and dazzling cover of December's UK Vogue, channelling her inner 60's icon with poise and elegance, is something Emma does so well with new elfin crop. If you haven't already, check out the issue and let her dazzle you...


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Absolutely WONDER FULL xxx

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Vote now!

4Music is currently running their Video Honours The Best of 2010, where you can vote for the best videos, songs and artists from this year. To vote for your favourites from the line-up simply go to and select from the list. Results will be aired on 27th November so get voting!

 Hottest Girl of 2010 (Rihanna - Rudeboy)

Hottest Boy 0f 2010 (Olly Murs- Please Don't Let Me Go)

Kiss Hottest Hookups (Lagy Gaga & Beyonce- Telephone)

Box Breakthrough Artist (Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed)

Magic Love Song (Leona Lewis- I Got U)

 Best Video of 2010 (Kelis- Acapella)

Are any of my choices your favourite too?

Friday, 5 November 2010


I recently got a random e-mail from Fashion Weekend, who in association with Love Cooking (and Sainsbury's) gave me some rather exciting news that I was entitled to some complementary tickets to the Love Cooking event. Name. Chef. Address. All that was required and so me and my Mum went up to London (it had been a while since she last rode the tube) and saw, wait for it... the one and only Gino D'Acampo. I am such a fan. He is outrageously rude (Celebrity Juice is insanely hilarious) as he was reminded of at the live cooking event by one audience member. 'I was trying to forget', he replied. Fat chance! And of course, mischievous and charming with that Italian accent and 'ladies man' persona. To top it all off, the man can cook. It was a fun few hours (he ran overtime due to answering so many questions) and afterwards was wonderfully kind, stopping to have pictures with people whilst signing books and kissing them the European way before the flash spurted yet again in his face. As Madonna would say, the Italians do it better and I most certainly agree. Ladies, enjoy...


Main Course


Cheeky, cheeky




Now that I'm commuting in and out of London for Uni, recently had a day out in London with my Mum (for the Love Cooking event) and simply for the fact that London is on my favourite places list, I was inspired to post about one of the best fashion capitals in the world. As soon as I am in London I become excited- it sounds cliche but it is where the fashion industry is and where opportunities are hidden. It is electric and exciting, cosmopolitan and crazy- everything a great city should be. I love Brugges, I love Paris, I love Barcelona but London is the best of British and for that I am proud. London simply is the capital for creativity, style and fun, fun, fun!