Thursday, 21 July 2011

This week and beyond in pictures

Giving my time to a women's lifestyle website in Chelsea, London. I look forward to commuting to a wonderful part of the city where duties include, amongst many other things, overseeing the website and researching for articles.

On Tuesday I finally graduated in BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism. It was a truly wonderful day spent with thoseI have had the opportunity to work with over the past few years and close family members. I was exteremely nervous (as the picture suggests) walking up to greet the legendary Zandra Rhodes, a combination of maintaining my balance and remembering to smile as the camera panned onto our faces as we strode on stage to collect our scrolls. 
Afterwards, we had drinks and my parents treated me to a truly scrumptious meal and bottle of Champagne to celebrate my achievement. 

My holiday wish came true! I cannot tell you how happy I am that my family eventually booked a holiday to be spent in the wonderully sunny location of Turkey. Sun, escapism and a whole lot of fun awaits me!

I will be turning 21 at the end of the month and I am extremely excited to know that I will be on holiday.. celebrating by sunning it up and watching the sun set before dancing the night away. 

I  A M  N O W 

S O M E W H A T 

E X C I T E D  !

So... a holiday IS ON the cards and that means one thing - a complete lack of posts from me. But don't fret! Stay tuned to discover my goings-on when I return.

  In the meantime, whilst I am lying flat on a sun lounger, enjoy these pictures. 

What exciting things have you been up to?


Monday, 18 July 2011

Pic of the week

Taken last week at the eighth and final New York premiere of the Harry Potter franchise, I thought this picture was rather cute- not only did Emma Watson look absolutely beautiful with her smoky eyes and sleek hairstyle but the way she is looking back is almost emotive in the sense that is feels as if she is walking away and turning back; reflecting on her amazing acting career and saying goodbye to Harry Potter for the final time. Although not a major fan, (I am prepared for the shun of disappointment when I reveal that I have in fact only probably seen about 3 of the films and even those are the old ones. Even my uncertainty shows that I'm no hardcore fan.. oh well. I do plan to watch all 8 one day!) I am in love with Emma and I think I have been since she cut off all her hair and began wearing all the things that I would love to. She went subtle, flowing and feminine wearing Oscar de la Renta and Elie Saab in London and slightly more daring when donning Bottega Veneta in NYC , completely standing out from her male co-stars (and probably the female attendees too). And rightly so. I actually liked her when she was the snooty little girl in the first train ride to Hogwarts, along with her unruly hair and overly posh voice. Very cute and utterly hilarious. But on a serious note, Harry Potter is over after a long and very successful 8 years and I think many including her, are more than a little sad to turn their back on what has been magic.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

It's the year 1962...

"This collection is all about the sixties."
There have been many comments made about the second installment in Fearne Cotton's clothing range for Very- criticized for its unoriginality and her 'attempt' at modelling it herself but as you know I am completely obsessed with the 1960s and this picture is the epitome of that era. I also absolutely adore her hair style here, which seems to change from week to week. I love short hair and am in the process of growing my hair to bob length, back to how it was a few years ago: sleek, smooth and very, very elegant. She looks soo graceful, the dress is so cute and pretty with the puffed sleeves and yet Fearne makes it her own with her trademark ring-on-every-finger. Complete with nude lips, a serene like pose/stare combination and looking doe-eyed, I think she looks great. With the surge of celebrities on the covers of fashion magazines instead of models, why can't she be the face of her own creation, whether or not it's a dress that has been around for decades? Fashion trends always come back around again (minus puffa jackets and platform trainers) anyway don't they? What do you make of the picture of Fearne?


Mila Kunis for GQ

Wow, this month has been a very busy one indeed for celebs: SJP for US Vogue, Jessica Alba for allure, Audrey Tautou for Marie Claire UK, Lily Allen for ELLE UK, Emma Watson for Harper's Bazaar UK, Penelpe Cruz for V, Tilda Swinton for W and the stunning beauty (and girl crush) that is Mila Kunis for GQ. I'm guessing the majority of you have heard about the American soldier who asked Kunis to be her date for the annual Corps Ball- in return, she remained completely courteous and accepted the offer. I can't imagine many other actresses would have acted in the same manner- another reson why I like her so much, despite her comedy acting, dress sense and more recently, her status as a cover star. Although there is not much clothing required for this particular shoot, (just a pair of the most amazing platform sandals will do) I still think she looks beautiful and tatsefully so. The cover is particularly fun and cheeky, don't you think? 

To read the interview and view the editorial, see here. She co-stars in new film  
Friends with Benefits, which is released in the U.K. on 9th September.


Tilda Swinton for W

I recently watched the visually beautiful and thought provoking film The Beach (directed by the incredible Danny Boyle and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Carlyle) and love the incredibly funny film Burn after Reading, both starring the capturing beauty that is Tilda Swinton. She has the most interestingly unique look and I simply adore her perfect English accent and striking facial features. That certainly doesn't go unnoticed in her latest editorial for W magazine. It has been compared to David Bowie's look but I disagree completely- it is much more refined, fresh looking and very much inspired by utilitariunism and formed into 8 different looks, is compiled of earthy tones, crisp whiteness and broken up with deep plum and bright red shades. I particularly like the initial image and I especially love the beige leather thigh-high boots and oversized white blazer. She almost looks unreal- robot-like and very androgynous but then again masculinity is very much part of Tilda's everyday look. She has even in the past confessed that she often gets mistaken for a man. But after all, she is an actress? Why not get dressed up and create something completely surreal?


What do you make of the editorial?

To read more and view the rest of the editorial, see here.


Monday, 11 July 2011

Anja Rubik for Kurt Geiger


Twitter is soon becoming my favourite and most reliable news source- ever since I downloaded the app on my iPhone, I have been flicking through the feed daily, reading about the latest goings on with regards to The News of the World scandal (mostly tweeted by George Michael) and learning the latest fashion news from the best sources, i.e. LOVE magazine. 

This image of the latest face for Kurt Geiger's Autumn/Winter '11 campaign was posted by LOVE earlier today and I think Anja looks perfect. I adored last season's vividly colourful and uber sophisticated campaign and their newest is certainly not a disappointment. I actually thought "Wow" on viewing the image as I just love the 1960s vibe and the effortless sexiness of the entire ensemble. How incredible does she look in those Cruella Devill-esque booties? Which are now on my winter wish list, although I'm not wishing for the sun to stop shining any time soon. 

What do you make of the campaign?


Pic of the week

She wears it better here than Cheryl Cole, that's for sure, but it it is the image of Anja Konstantinova in a blue swimsuit and statement ear pieces that grasped me and was my favourite image from the exclusive editorial for Fashion Gone Rogue photographed by Steven Chee.

Sexy, powerful, capturing and with a summery element with the lace edged royal blue underwear, I enjoy it very much. Great hair and pout too.

See the remaining images from the Black Kowka editorial here


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sister Act

I love everything about this picture and their outfits. Firstly, those leopard print platform sandals are amazing and their effortless stance simply grasps you and your eyes. And those tights?! Only Elizabeth Jagger could pull them off. Teamed with a leather dress, they actually look stylish, although I would personally rethink the footwear. I'm more of a chunky, strappy kinda girl. I recently purchased the Carvela Annie suede platform (perfect for both summer and winter), adore my Office wedges and my favourite pair of shoes are my incredible ASOS mega high sandals. Oh how a girl can go on about shoes. Anyway, back to the gorgeousness that is the 19 year-old Georgia May Jagger. Here, she looks truly stunning and effortlessly so- those rouge tinted lips and with Lizzie's sideward stare makes for a great publicity shot. Did you notice the matching handbags- of course! They make a good picture don't they? But it's in their genes what with their mother being Jerry Hall (55!) and all. 

The women in the Jagger family seem to refrain from ageing- it's astonishing that Lizzie is 27 years of age. I personally think she looks a mere few years older than her sister...

The photograph was taken at the Hugo Boss fashion show in Berlin on Thursday night, the full story of which you can read here.

Sisterly love
I'd know all about that having 2 younger sisters myself.

What do YOU make of their outfits?


Saturday, 9 July 2011

This week I have been...

Well, I say this week, this post is actually referring to last week. So sorry but bear with me- my brain must be seven days behind...

Reading The Jimmy Choo Story:

Such an interesting, gripping and exciting read and the perfect holiday or all-day sunbathing accompaniment. I would recommend that you read it, even if you don't have a keen interest in fashion as it looks thoroughly at the business, financial and entrepreneurial side of investing into the luxury goods market and the evolution of Jimmy Choo as a company, among other things. It was even named Top 10 Business Book of the Year by Booklist. If it's just gossip you are after, it also includes details of the sordid lifestyles of many. As DVF so perfectly sums it up, The Jimmy Choo Story is "Fun and powerful... like a great pair of heels."

Watching Angry Boys:

Courtesy of Chris Lilley, the Australian who created the humorous award-winning Australian mockumentary style comedy Summer Heights High, (whereby one he played a variety of characters including my favourite, a very camp drama teacher) is back with a new TV series called Angry Boys. If you haven't seen either yet, I suggest that you do as both are very, very funny. Venturing to Japan and California, as well as his native Down Under to play another varied list of characters including a controlling mum, police warden and rap star, the originality of the programme makes for very entertaining viewing. I am so pleased Lilley is back on our screens because he never fails to make me laugh.

Eating bagels:

Laden with cream cheese and topped with crispy bacon makes for the perfect substantially filling breakfast, of course accompanied with a large mug of tea. Doughy and soft, they are truly delicious. Smoked salmon always wins and cheese and onion pre-prepared sandwich filling spooned onto the seed variety is equally as yummy and better than a mundane sandwich for lunchtimes.

Listening to Time:

I love dance music and the trance element to so many tracks that make the dance floor come alive- I truly don't think there is a better way to get a party going than whacking on some classic 90s songs from the likes of Robin S, Maxwell and Haddaway. I am generally no great lover of today's music- it's been done, it's repetitive, it's just an endless stream of droning noise with hardly any singing at all, yet I love this track. It is fast paced, has a trance vibe and is perfect to both sing and dance too. Rare, don't you think?

Wearing my bikini:

Yes, yes I know I keep on about the weather but I live in England and when the sun comes out here, so do everybody's smiles.. and skin. Ok, maybe not the best thing about the warm weather but it was a genuine amazing fact that it was hot enough to strip off and venture outside to sunbathe in June!! A tan makes me happy, what can I say? If you happen to be bikini shopping at the moment or are off on a trip soon that requires one, check out ViX Swimwear which offers free postage and packaging when you spend over a certain amount and offer a beautiful and varied selection of swimsuits and two-pieces. The link to their site is on the top right. Let me know what you think!

What have you been filling your days with? Reading, eating and shopping I hope!

Happy Summer!!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Where has the sun gone?

Last week in England was absolute glorious sunshine- a rarity even during the summer months and a a result everyone was in a good mood, having garden gatherings and visiting the pub. Drinking outside in the warm summer air at ten at night without the usual necessity of a second layer is a perk all on it's own. Making the most of the beautiful weather (which was at times, almost unbearably hot) I had been lying flat on the grass in the back garden for the most part of three days. I usually save this for the annual summer holiday but the late June, early July uncharacteristically warm weather meant that I should be making the most of it and thus caught the sun incredibly easily and the result- a natural, glowing, dark tan. This made me somewhat happy and it was then, the moment my skin went from pale to a deep brown shade, that the short summer dresses, high-wasted shorts and colourful strapless tops were retrieved from the crevices of the wardrobe for good.

But then it got to Monday of this week and the sun began to hide away and then the rain started to fall - cue the storms, windy conditions and the retrieving back indoors to watch films. One of the first on the list was The Beach, which I hadn't seen before but thought was amazing- vibrant, great casting, tapping into insightful ideologies and interesting characters. It really caused me to begin thinking about life on a beach; living, co-existing with strangers, along with it's pros- there would be no need to work, no need for possessions, no need even for money.

Another on the list was the child friendly, rather cliched Aquamarine starring a young Emma Roberts. On looking at her profile on IMDb (like Twitter which I find myself constantly checking for the latest fashion news and laughs from Britain's comediennes, I have the iPhone app), I found myself instantly becoming completely captured by her beauty- long flowing locks of golden hair, petite frame, wide eyed and complementing her great choices of evening wear with that amazingly large smile. So, sharing with you now, are my favourite red carpet looks of hers. I'd never noticed before- I have become more of a fan of British beauty Emma Watson in recent years- but she is as beautiful, a talented actress and a new favourite of mine, style wise. 

My only hope is that the sun makes it's appearance again tomorrow in the same way it was this time last week, but you never know. 

There is always a film to whack on and obsess over if not. 

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. Who is your latest girl crush? What has the weather been like where you live?

At the 2011 Met Gala where I was at the time, viewing the famous faces as they arrived.

At the Beverley Hills screening of The Art of Getting By

At the launch party of Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood issue in May

At the L.A. premiere of Scream 4

 At the London premiere of Valentine's Day

At Elton John’s AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party in L.A.