Monday, 9 January 2012

Pic of the Week

Keke Lindgard  |  Vogue Espana  |  April 2010
by Arthur Elgort

I love everything about this picture, from those amazing shoes, the sunlight filtering into the room to the chunkiness of the rings on her slender fingers and that cheeky stare at the camera from the sax player. It is a really fun picture, I think and a rather random situation; a floral clad, tall blonde woman sitting in what looks like a train station with two local musicians. Then there is her stare and bright red lipstick. Beautiful in my eyes. I enjoy each and every aspect of the photograph and combined, form a successful, eye-catching and ultimately interesting editorial image, the remaining images of which can be viewed here

What do you think of the picture? Are you a fan of Keke Lindgard


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