Saturday, 7 April 2012

Smoulder and Mystify

The hair is delicately swept across a flawless, made-up face. There are wide, open spaces, hazy views wandered by a tousled beauty. It is a cigarette, a sultry glance, blurred background or a suggestive hair pull-cum-closed eyes and side ward pose. Or even a bouncy curl. Any of the above immediately conjure an image that is sensuous, provocative, uber sexy, an element that every one of the following photographs have at least one of, if not every single one.

Anouck Lepere  |  Elle Russia  |  Nov 2011

Ashley Smith  |  Rika  |  A/W 2011

Emily Baker  |  STIL Magazine  |  #3

 Frida Aasen  |  Numero  |  #129

  Natasha Poly  |  Givenchy Paris Haute Couture  |  A/W 2010

 Valeriia  |  Fashion Gone Rogue  |  Nov 2011

 Amanda Chamberlain  |  Fashion Gone Rogue  |  Nov 2011

Iza Olak  |  Marie Claire Turkey  |  Nov 2011

 Karlina Caune  |  Schön!  |  #14

 Magdalena Frackowiak  |  Vogue Korea  | Oct 2010

Natasha Poly  |  Vogue Spain  |  Nov 2011

Zippora Seven  |  No Magazine  |  #14

What do you make of my chosen images?


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  1. I'm loving the hair, the makeup, the edgy yet classic looks. Awesome for inspiration!