Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pic of the Week

I don't why it is I haven't shared this image of Barbara Palvin until now, as it is such an striking photo of the Hungarian beauty. The woman is gorgeous.  Not only does she have an incredible face, (something to do with those amazing features of hers) but I love the juxtaposition of uber finished, rich colour palette of the 70s inspired ensemble with the broken patio blocks, weeds growing between cracks and the garden chair. The trees make for a beautiful backdrop. I LOVE those flares! (with obligatory platforms poking out from underneath). 

And the make-up is pretty phenomenal. HELLO EYES. 

She currently stars in the L'Oreal Studio Line Matt and Messy advert where she canoodles with a hunky unnamed male model. Every time it comes on the telly I can't help but voice how stunning I think she is. You can watch it here

She messes with my head. 

Publication: Dansk A/W '11
Model: Barbara Palvin
Photographer: Emma Tempest



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