Friday, 5 November 2010


I recently got a random e-mail from Fashion Weekend, who in association with Love Cooking (and Sainsbury's) gave me some rather exciting news that I was entitled to some complementary tickets to the Love Cooking event. Name. Chef. Address. All that was required and so me and my Mum went up to London (it had been a while since she last rode the tube) and saw, wait for it... the one and only Gino D'Acampo. I am such a fan. He is outrageously rude (Celebrity Juice is insanely hilarious) as he was reminded of at the live cooking event by one audience member. 'I was trying to forget', he replied. Fat chance! And of course, mischievous and charming with that Italian accent and 'ladies man' persona. To top it all off, the man can cook. It was a fun few hours (he ran overtime due to answering so many questions) and afterwards was wonderfully kind, stopping to have pictures with people whilst signing books and kissing them the European way before the flash spurted yet again in his face. As Madonna would say, the Italians do it better and I most certainly agree. Ladies, enjoy...


Main Course


Cheeky, cheeky




  1. Jess, I am so jealous - got to love the Gino!

    I've started a new blog and would love for you to follow!

  2. Ahh, he was brilliant!

    Sounds good- I'm following!

    :) xxx