Friday, 19 November 2010

Model Behaviour

I am absolutely obsessed with models and completely fascinated by the exciting lives they lead, the clothes they get to strut down the catwalk wearing and the parties they are invited to, rubbing shoulders with the A-list of the fashion industry. Who can honestly say they wouldn't want that life? Fun, hectic, exciting, just a few of the reasons why I have the ambition of becoming a fashion journalist. I'm not tall enough to be a model anyway... Although there are not a long list of names on my favourite model list, there are a few who I adore and Sasha definitely comes out on top. She is featured in ELLE magazine this month, for their December issue where she comes in at number 12 on The Model Power List. I just love everything about her and she totally deserves to be credited for being, as ELLE quite rightly puts it, one of 'the biggest names in the industry'. ELLE, I couldn't agree more.

Who is your favourite model?

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