Friday, 18 March 2011

Fruits of my Labour

I have been working really hard on my FMP lately and thought I deserved a little online shop (plus I was rather pleasantly surprised when I looked on my bank statement!). It has been taking up all my time and is the reason why there has been a complete lack of posts recently. I was skimming through ASOS, looking for a great top to go with the palazzo trousers I have just purchased and discovered this gem. It reminds me so much of the amazing citrus print Stella McCartney dress I loved so much when it caught my eye as I was flicking through the glossies. Mmm, I really fancy an orange now...


                                   Cotton Vest | £18                                                                                                    Cotton Dress | £675



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  2. Ooh these are gorgeous! Funny enough, I actually prefer the cheaper ASOS style to the Stella McCartney one! Though I will always adore Stella.