Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It's all about the fun


I'm fully aware that you have most probably seen these Carine Roitfeld-styled images countless times before whether online or whilst flicking through the September issue of VOGUE, but I simply had to share them with you myself because I adore them and enjoy them far too much than I probably should but I just find them such fun. I actually laughed out loud to myself when I first saw them because they are so unlike the majority of the "headlining" fashion editorial campaigns. Instead they are encouraging you to be original with your look and inviting you to come and play, have fun, enjoy yourself and what you wear and don't be so serious. Even if Lagerfeld is the most serious person on the planet. (In fact, now I mention it, I don't think I have ever seen him crack a smile?) Surely all those things are positive? What do you think of the campaign? Suitable for A/W? 

Well, you are in for a treat because the fun doesn't stop there, oh no... Helena Bonham Carter, a great love of mine, is the latest face of Marc Jacobs! I recently watched Frankenstein again and she is just marvellous- absolutely perfect for any period role of that kind. I find her whimsical and romantic, capturing, fun and of course eccentric, so I suppose it isn't too much of a surprise to view her on the floor with her legs up in the air rummaging around wearing beautiful Marc Jacobs hats and gloves in colours to match her vibrant personality. Oh, how glad I was to see her! I was initially quite surprised as I had forgotten about her latest career move. I have in the past said that actresses steal model's jobs blah, blah, blah but Carter is English eccentric at it's best. What can I say? I'm patriotic and I love her- two good enough reasons for why I'm so happy to see her in one of my favourite magazines. 
I adore the first image- it suits her down to a T, no? Again, what do you think? Too much or just right? Do babble...

                                     WONDER FULL


  1. cute photos!


  2. I was gonna write a blog post about Chanel's recent ad campaigns too. Totally love these playful photographs centred in that photobooth. Unexpected from Chanel in my opinion but I love it!


    I recently wrote a blog post about some vintage pieces I plan on wearing to London Fashion Week. I'd be so grateful if you could check out the post and leave a comment and let me know which outfit is your favourite!