Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sail away with me Honey...

Inspired by the lyrics of a certain David Gray song (ones that will forever remind me of a cruise spent, well, cruising the beautiful seas of the Caribbean and Mexico; singing them as we slipped away from Miami harbour). Sigh. I am in desperate need of a holiday and I was hoping to be sitting on the beach or lying by the pool (preferably with waiters in tight shorts at my every beck and call... "Another Bloody Mary please!") by the time I hit the big 2-1, but something is yet to be booked. The weather has been quite nice in England, I hasten to add, but it's not the same without a pool.. and no men swanning about. But I am pessimistic- adamant that I will be planning a trip soon. I'm thinking Malta (has anyone been?) or Italy (Mmm.) In the meantime, if you have a longing feeling to get abroad, these beautiful holiday-related pictures will cheer you up. If there is nothing on the horizons as of yet, if the sun is shining, go outside and enjoy it...

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  1. Those pictures are so beautiful and inspiring!I am your new follower!

  2. wowwwwww. All these pictures are wonderful, such a holiday, sunny and colorful, brilliant choice

  3. i love these summer shots!
    thanks for checking out my blog!

    Endless Nights

  4. This is a great editorial! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. ... And I absolutely LOVE that David Gray song... except I conjure different images because it makes me think of my Dad who I just lost... will try to replace my sad thoughts with your lovely pics!