Monday, 6 June 2011

You got groped!

My, there was a lot of touchy feely behaviour going on in La-La Land last night...

On looking at all the outfits from last night's MTV awards in Los Angeles, I was rather struck by the effortless simplicity of Mila Kunis' outfit and her sleek dark brown hair and it goes without saying that Emma Watson looked great- stylish, modern and for me, completely outshing Selena Gomez (can somebody tell me what she actually does besides dating Bieber?). Emma's ensemble was more elegant and refined, even though her hairstyle has grown out.

I was looking to see more of Kunis, who was nominated for best kiss alongside Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman and when I did it was her both groping and being groped by the unkempt looking Justin Timberlake.

The absolute blase nature of their facial expressions and the full on cupping of, er, bits is what I found completely hilarious. And then it was the stunning Cameron Diaz and very funny Jason Segal with arms around each other smiling away and clearly enjoying the attention of the paparazzi. Both star in new film Bad Teacher that was emblazoned on our television screens at the weekend. It does look rather funny and I must admit, I do want to see it but will not be rushing to the cinema when it is released in the UK on 24th June. 

What do you make of the girls' outfit choices? Do you find the 'grope stunt' funny?



  1. I love those two dresses as well.

  2. Especially, Emma's dress looks so pretty along with her makeup