Monday, 6 June 2011

Pic of the Week

I wanna
with somebody. I wanna
feel the heat
I wanna dance with somebody.
With somebody
loves me."

Location/photographer/model unknown. 
But I wanted to share it with you anyway simply due to the fact that I enjoy the fun element to it; she clearly wants to have a good time and loves to dance, just like me.
My cousin was 21 on Friday and is having a BIG party with family and mutual friends on Saturday and I am very excited about it, as is she. She informed me on Friday night whilst we were out dowing shots and trying to move on the crowded dancefloor at Sugar Hut (some of you may know it!) that all she has left to do is buy the cake and balloons!

I have had my outfit planned for weeks and cannot wait to dance the night away and well, have a really brilliant night.

Did you go out this weekend? 
Are there any exciting events in your diaries? 

Do tell...


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