Sunday, 4 September 2011

How Jolie

Inspired by a humorous chat amongst the ladies about our girl crushes at last night's rather fun sailor themed birthday gathering/bar hop/VIP club visit, this post is catered to the girl crush firmly at the top of my "list". Mila Kunis is a close second and that's as far as the list goes. It seems I like dark haired actresses, although Lara Stone and Charlize Theron are both an exception to this rule. How about you? Who is your ultimate girl crush?

I am fully aware of the opinions some people have of Angelina Jolie (I admit she is rather strange but isn't that what makes her so interesting and appealing?) what with the Aniston/Pitt fiasco branded as the "Split of the Century" and the controversy surrounding how it came to be, but quite frankly, (and don't think I am condoning cheating of any kind because I most certainly am not) it takes two, Brad was clearly not happy and so he found solace (or whatever you want to call it) in the stunning Angelina. 

I don't think she is a style icon or even pretty in fact but she is gorgeous and an exceptional actress, proved from having recently watched Changeling, Girl, Interrupted (again) and Salt, which I thought was visually and conceptually amazing. OK, I clearly have a slight obsession with the woman but she is one of my favourites as you may well know, very, very attractive and beautiful nonetheless. Surely that's a good enough reason to share with you these incredible images.

What do you think of Angelina? Marriage breaker or stunning talent? Either way, if you tell me you don't enjoy these images, I won't believe you. 

Jolie is to play the lead in a remake of Cleopatra (once made so famous in 1963 by the legandary Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) set to be released in 2013. 

Ironically, her character in film Changeling abruptly describes it as "overrated" when it is the announced on the radio at the Oscars in 1935 for Best Picture nomination.. she has her money on winner "It Happened One Night."



  1. Phwoar! - Gorgeous picks - She looks absolutely stunning - Love the wet, slicked back hair, sprayed on swimsuit look best :)

  2. jolie, she is so very lovely!

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  3. love that she is sporting her jewelry line.

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