Sunday, 18 September 2011

London Fashion Week: Day 1

For the first day of LFW, I woke up the earliest I have in a while to make my way up to the city (Westminster to be exact) to meet with a PR company and assist them at Vauxhall Fashion Scout for the Graduate Showcase at The Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden. We began the day with coffee and sugar, ensuring that we had the energy to go forth into the long day that consisted of standing, smiling, greeting people and handing out press releases. It was like a party in the exhibition hall, as the DJ played a rather rounded mixture of Bowie tracks, old school rap and disco/techno beats, as those attending sipped cider and waiters passed around mini cupcakes and sushi. By the end of the day, which started around half ten and ended around 7 in the evening and my heels were aching severely but it was an interesting day and fantastic to view and admire the work and S/S '12 collections of those from a few prestigious design schools around the country, including the Royal College of Art. I find it fascinating to understand student's inspiration and how that transpires into a garment- a beautiful dress that has hours of work poured into creating.

My favourite collections were those of Steven Tai whose shirt dress design was decorated with hundreds of gold plastic beading which resembled a series of fairy lights which were constantly flicking on and off in a downward motion, but on closer inspection, it was the beads twisting and as the light panned over them, it created a rather spectacular sight. Defiantly one of my favourite garments from all 12 designers.

A close second was Umeromaan, who came as a duo of sisters and together, clearly had a fascination with silver chains and black strappy sandals, forming a series of outfits which were certainly the most wearable of them all. 



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  1. So cooool!! I have many friends from the RCA - but they are from the industrial section though. Anyway, last year, I got to go to their show (the ones from the fashion design section). Was an amazing experience.. This Steven Tai seems awesome! I also like the dress from Kate Wallis. xx