Friday, 9 September 2011

Let's Go Outside

Although British Summer Time (BST) is not officially over until 30th October (can't quite believe this), the weather in England throughout July before I went on holiday and the majority of August has been absolutely monstrous. Wind, rain, grey skies, cold legs.. the lot! It seems like we have hardly had any summer at all. But, I vow not to hide away my tan and continue to wear summer dresses and sandals as opposed to the coats, jeans and boots the rest of those who have given into the horrible weather have been sporting over the past week the weather has been at it's worst. I'm not sure if you are aware, but the British have a tendency and are historically known to moan about the weather far too much than is necessary (and is the reason why I will refrain from doing so in a few sentences time) - we shiver when it is too cold, moan when the sun appears because it's "too hot" and groan when the sun shines at the wrong time of the week (weekends, when everybody is back to work/school, etc.) 

So I thought it would be an apt idea to share with you some handpicked images from a range of editorials- a mixture of good/bad weather- of models who are all out in the open air, making the most of their surroundings, whatever the climate. All celebrate the outside in all it's glory and I think that's what the Brits should be doing whatever the weather. So, coat or no coat, get outside and explore. Let me know which are your favourites? Do you prefer the summer or winter? Are you wearing your coat already where you're from?

 Yulia Kharlapanova  |  Marie Claire Italia  |  June 2011

Heather Marks  |  Flaunt  |  Aug 2011

Jessica Miller  |  Harper's Bazaar UK  |  June 2011

Tiffany  |  Grazia Italy  |  July 2011

Tiiu Kuik  |  Harper's Bazaar Turkey  |  Sep 2011

Tiiu Kuik  |  VOGUE Latin America  |  Aug 2011

Colinne Michaelis  |  LOVE  |  A/W 2011

Vlada Roslyakova  |  Marie Claire Spain  |  Sep 2011

 Holly  |  Vecu  |  Spring 2011

Tallulah Morton  |  ELLE France  |  July 2011



  1. Great pics again - Tiffany looks stunning - What legs !!

  2. wow, great inspirations! the heather marks photo is my favorite!

    XO Sahra

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  4. Fantastic photos...very inspirational. I love the Heather Marks and Holly pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm a new follower. :)

    Stay Beautiful,