Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vivid vs. monochrome.. which is your favourite?

Colourful = summery, mezmerising, nostalgic, vibrant, passionate, mixture, glowing


Black & White = sultry, mysterious, sexy, fun, serene, beautiful, captivating?

or both? 

Which are your favourite images and why?
Alina Baikova  |  VOGUE Australia  |  Nov 2011
Sasha Pivovarova  |  VOGUE Paris  |  Oct 2011 

Asha  |  Kurv  |  #024
Natalia Vodianova  |  VOGUE Turkey  |  Sep 2011

Diana Sur  |  L'Officiel Ukraine  |  Oct 2011

Krystal Glynn  |  Remix  |  Oct 2011

Ekat Kiseleva  |  ELLE Ukraine  |  Sep 2011

Simona Stoyanova  |  Amica  |  Oct 2011

Karlina Caune  |  Schön!  |  #14

Tati Cotliar  |  Twin  |  #5



  1. Monochrome instantly brings am atmosphere to a pic that colour cant compete with, but then vivid colour is just a feast for the eyeball - so I am sitting on the fence.

    The Natalia Vodianova picture is wonderful and the dress in the Diana Sur picture is fabulous

  2. I'm always feeling vivid colors when the snow melts away and spring/summer is here and as soon as the snow falls, I'm back to B&W all winter long. Sorry about talking about the snow so much, its winter in Canada now.

    I'm loving the photos of Sasha Pivovarova & Krystal Glynn!

  3. I love everything about this post. I love the colors, and the blacks and whites, and the fashion photography that was done.

  4. Monochrome is art, vivid is life!:)
    Great post and nice blog!:)