Friday, 25 November 2011

Hidden Gem

Josefina Cisternas

I had not come across or heard of the Chilean beauty that is Josefina Cisternas before, until it was pointed out to myself by a young male on Twitter that my blog is missing the blonde swimwear model. This is my reasoning for featuring her- he can know lust over her to his heart's content...

Cisternas is a somewhat more commercial looking model than those I usually covet (Pivovarova, Ericson, Stam, Ward...) but of course, there is no denying her incredibly fresh faced beauty with her flawless, fair complexion and tumbling strands of blonde hair. Saying that, she does also suit that mild grunge look (plum lipstick, black nails, studded leather biker boots) as she so seriously models above and which was featured on VOGUE Italia online. And she carries it off seriously well. This has got to be my favourite image,  as well as those images where she looks away and not into the lens of the camera, which makes for a more interersing stance and the result is sultry and often striking. Nonetheless, the image above combines fun (bright, hazy colour effect), sexiness (swimsuit, heels, pink lipstick) with mystery (dark eye make-up, staring pose) to form a really great photo. Possibly, my favourite of them all. 

Which is your favourite?
It was rather difficult to track down a considerable number of pictures- I assumed there would be tonnes of amazing editorials in which she features, on Fashion Gone Rogue, but her name wasn't listed. More surprisingly though, the most commercial looking shot of her in the white bikini and gold hooped earrings is also another I rather enjoy. 
Maybe I have been converted.

Three years ago, she was the face of Ripley sweaters, modelled for Giambattista Valli's 2010 Resort collection and is now signed with elite Model Management, represented in Milan. I'm certain that the more famous she becomes, the edgier her editorial work will too. I particularly like the chosen image for her online credentials.

Obsession over (for now), I'd like to know what you think.
Had you heard of Cisternas before now? Do you enjoy her look? Or her work? 
Where else have you discovered her?
Do let me know! Enjoy the images. 
I know one person will...



  1. what a gorg model. love your blog! follow each other?


  2. she is so beautiful
    and i love the last pic

    follwowing you

    hope we can follow each other


  3. Hey! Great blog&amazing style!
    Come and visit my blog if you want I'm following u now!

  4. She is gorgeous. Definite hair envy too! xx