Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Favourites in Pictures

A totally guilty pleasure but now that I have finished University and I therefore have no work to do, I feel more relaxed both mentally and physically. The longer I lay inside the warm haven that is my bed, the more I drift in and out of sleep. I am very nocturnal and can stay up all night as I generally don't enjoy sleep so late nights mean late mornings spent in bed!

I literally think about food 99% of the day and that's not an exaggeration. I adore munching on a giant bag of Salt & Vinegar crisps, or better still Walker's Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli, devouring an entire plate of mashed potatoes and gorging Italian or Indian feasts. I love pasta, covered in spicy tomato sauce, oriental noodles or chicken dishes from Wagamama. Vegetarians look away now, because there isn't another culinary delight on earth quite like a juicy, hot steak. 

Bloody Mary Cocktails
As someone born without a sweet tooth (I could easily give up chocolate) this delicious red cocktail is the perfect thing for me to sip or rather, devour. Savoury and spicy with lots and lots of Worcester sauce, a dash of Tabasco, seasoning and a spurt of lemon juice (top tip), it tastes simply delicious. Even better with celery or salty crisps. 

Thinking about where I want to be
Not just what place I would like to be holidaying now, but career-wise too. The fashion industry is a hard one to get amidst of but I am remaining positive that where I am using my skills at the moment will be for the long-run.

Playing with our adopted kitten (which is leaving today)
Sadly, four kittens (3 male tabby and 1 black female) which were born at my Dad's garage at work, lost their Mother at six weeks old and so they came to live with us to nurture, feed and love. The remaining one is the girl (who I named Treacle) and is very playful, energetic and loves to run up and down the hallway. But today she is going to a new home and I actually think we're all going to miss her.



  1. Great collection of favorite pics specially the first one is gorgeous.

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  2. Thinking about food is my downfall! Although i'm pretty blessed with a good metabolism i eat junk food a lot. In fact writing this is making me think of chocolate cake. Beautiful photos.

  3. love your header pic and your not the only one who is enjoying uni free lie ins lol, this post has me written all over it minus the adopted kitten ooh and i'd change the bloody mary's for rose lol



  4. This is a great batch of photos... That spaghetti one is gonna be stuck in my head for days, yuck!! lol
    Awww, I love kittens, I get attached to them after about 5 minutes, she's too cute. Hope you don't miss her too much <3 xx


  5. I really like your blog,
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    keep in touch xX

  6. I think about food that much too! So so good, and man I love spaghetti bologneise :)

    Rosie x