Sunday, 25 March 2012

Large eyes, tiny frame, massive talent

As you may well know, I have quite an obsession with the amazingly talented actress that is Christina Ricci, a love that has only bloomed from watching her as a child playing the notoriously morose Wednesday Addams in Addams Family Values to being completely captured by her astounding beauty through adult eyes in New York last May. And as promised, I am dedicating an entire post to Ricci and her extensive editorial back catalogue. Having scoured the Internet in all it's glory, I have tracked down some of the most stunning images of her I have ever seen. Tough job accessing these images and discovering their origin, I must say. Seriously, someone needs to create a website dedicated to listing actress' editorial images from fashion publications pronto. And if this already exists, if any of you know of one, please let me know about it as soon as! Whodatedwho is a good source for dates, etc. but only offers images of the covers and not those from the editorials themselves. I actually wasn't aware quite how many publications she has graced the cover off. I am not complaining, of course, I mean, who would? 

Arena, July 2004

 Bullett, A/W 2011 

 Bullett, A/W 2011 

 POP, A/W 2004

POP, A/W 2004

 BlackBook, October 2010

Vogue Italia, Jan 2007 

Oyster, March 2012 

Oyster, March 2012 

Emmy, Dec 2011 

Shot by Bruce Weber in 2000

 Now on my watchlist:
Now and Then (1995)

 Have you seen any of these films?
 Are you a fan of Ricci? What do you make of my selection of images?


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  1. Amazing photos!!