Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Valentino A/W '12

I couldn't bear to leave out Valentino from my chosen line-up. It is literally the epitome of woman and the kind of clothing I love to wear. I do love a dress. 

I love the collection every season; I fall in love all over again with the sheer form of fabrics, mixture of textures, meticulous attention to detail, refinement and above all the overly feminine and pretty garments, dresses in particular. For a start, my favourite colour is red and the scalloped hemmed square neck high cinched waist long sleeved dress is absolutely gorgeous. And teamed with those simple ballet pumps, makes for the most stunning outfit and which is certainly on my wish list. I love the leather jacket and modest knee length skirt combo/exaggerated pussy bow blouse combinations. Then there is the lace all in one which I really could do for a wedding I have in November. Apart from the scarlet numbers, my favourite look is possibly the penultimate look- an embellished, slightly puffed sleeve knee length dress cinched at the waist and in the most beautiful soft shade of grey with washed brown and a touch of gold. But really, any piece from this collection will do. I cannot day enough good things about it. What can I say? It gets me every single time.

Was Valentino one of your favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week? Or overall? 
Which is your favourite look?


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  1. the valentino collection has to be one of my favorites! i'm loving the color palette; my favorite fall collections always have a burst of red included.

    alicia // river city chic