Wednesday, 15 December 2010

C A K E it on.

Just a little selection of pre-Christmas treats in the form of sweet and delightful cupcakes painted with icing and sprinkled with a variety of tasty treats for you to lust over. Thanks to my little sister who aspires to be a chef and own her own restaurant, baked these spongy delights the night before she had to ice them in school as part of her Food Technology course. She is loving it at the moment, creating tasty things to eat in the form of Victoria sponges, pastries and quiches. When she brought these home on Monday I got a little over excited, not only because they looked amazing, creative and most of all yummy, they gave me the perfect opportunity to grab the SLR again and get snapping. After all, I need all the practice I can get in preparation for my Final Major Project next year. I love my food and like my sister, have always helped out in the kitchen- stirring sauces, chopping vegetables, tasting here and there for seasoning. There is something fulfilling in creating something from a few ingredients that can become a meal for all the family to enjoy, if not a little fast-paced! I can't really say the same for fifteen cupcakes, as they are probably the most funnest things to make of all culinary creations, but they tasted gorgeous and Christmassy nonetheless with a cup of hot tea and a warm bed.

WONDER FULL(y yummy)!

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