Friday, 10 December 2010

For Christmas, please may I have...

It feels like forever since I posted anything on here but with uni deadlines looming, a lap top in repair and a schedule that was completely ruined by the snowy weather, it proved rather difficult to.

But anyway, I'm back and as the deadlines have now passed I thought it was time to really get into the Christmas spirit by sharing with you my Christmas list. Even though I haven't asked for much, as for me Christmas is more about getting together as a family- eating, drinking and generally having a good laugh. But, of course it is rather exciting to wonder what will be waiting under the tree for me to discover when the day finally arrives...

When I saw this jacket on the rail, it really was love at first sight. I'm really into retro fashion and the 1960's- I honestly believe I was born in the wrong era. With all the khaki and grey hues and blocks of black in my winter wardrobe or part of my look right now, this piece is a great way to brighten it all up and make the freezing temperatures that little more bearable. 

It is about time there was a good British comedy drama and this is by far the best thing on telly right now that makes my Thursday nights. The cast is amazing and the original format makes for a gripping watch- full of anger, chemistry and mysteriousness that keeps you hooked and leaves you thinking what will happen next. It is not in any way sugar coated, apart from the eye candy that bring the whole series to life. Robert Sheehan who plays Nathan is comically brilliant, is certainly easy on the eye and the ears too with that gorgeously irresistible Irish accent.

This always seems to make a regular occurrence on my Christmas list as it has readily become one of my make-up staples. Every girl has a favourite cosmetic item and this is mine. Applying make-up can sometimes seem like a chore but this just brings out the gal in me and I completely love it.
Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum is my absolute favourite scent and just like the Chanel adverts starring the flawlessly stylish and sophisticated Keira Knightley draw me in, so does the perfume's flawless packaging which proves too hard to resist. It has an unbeatable aroma I adore, to simply spritz over any outfit with the effortless ease and grace Chanel brought to fashion so well and oh so elegantly.

This is one of the ultimate coffee table books I intend to add to my growing collection. My aim it to have an entire shelf full of fashion reads that offer amazing photography and fashion analysis of the highest calibre. This book is not only visually appealing but includes a history of the creation and art direction of Louis Vuitton, accompanied by an analysis of it's reference to architectural design. I simply cannot wait to delve straight into this mammoth of a read.

Christmassy and


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