Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Starry Eyed

I have become somewhat of an Ellie Goulding fan since she stormed the charts with upbeat dance hit, Starry Eyed. She has quickly become a pop sensation and is likable in that she is different to all the other female singers that are caked in make-up and all too quick to show off a bit too much skin. But, Ellie is pretty and cool and I love that she has shaved her hair a little. Her cover of Elton John's Your Song is beautifully sang and lovely to listen to, just as the video is to watch. It plays in the background of John Lewis' new Christmas advert and every time I hear it I cannot help but "Awww"- the rocking horse, the child yawning, her voice... It encapsulates Christmas and excites me about the festive season all over again, every time I see it. I am loving Ellie's look here- from a fashion perspective, the androgynous monochrome reminds me of ever so slightly of the Helmut Newton photograph, which showcases Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking tuxedo jacket. Ellie's take on the jacket/shirt combo is aptly suitable for the premiere of new film Burlesque and manages to become an effortlessly interesting outfit. Her hair too, even though she seems not to take that much attention, because she simply doesn't have to, always remains glossy and styled. Effortless beauty is the best kind and for that she should be celebrated because she displays just that in exactly the right way.


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