Monday, 18 July 2011

Pic of the week

Taken last week at the eighth and final New York premiere of the Harry Potter franchise, I thought this picture was rather cute- not only did Emma Watson look absolutely beautiful with her smoky eyes and sleek hairstyle but the way she is looking back is almost emotive in the sense that is feels as if she is walking away and turning back; reflecting on her amazing acting career and saying goodbye to Harry Potter for the final time. Although not a major fan, (I am prepared for the shun of disappointment when I reveal that I have in fact only probably seen about 3 of the films and even those are the old ones. Even my uncertainty shows that I'm no hardcore fan.. oh well. I do plan to watch all 8 one day!) I am in love with Emma and I think I have been since she cut off all her hair and began wearing all the things that I would love to. She went subtle, flowing and feminine wearing Oscar de la Renta and Elie Saab in London and slightly more daring when donning Bottega Veneta in NYC , completely standing out from her male co-stars (and probably the female attendees too). And rightly so. I actually liked her when she was the snooty little girl in the first train ride to Hogwarts, along with her unruly hair and overly posh voice. Very cute and utterly hilarious. But on a serious note, Harry Potter is over after a long and very successful 8 years and I think many including her, are more than a little sad to turn their back on what has been magic.



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  2. Your observations are always so intuitive and so well put! That's why I have decided to pass along the Sunshine Award to you! Congratulations! Please visit my blog for the details...

  3. I love the Harry Potter series and of course, Emma's style off the set. I love this photo of her and what you said of her walking away but remembering and saying goodbye to the past 10 years of her life.
    Love it. I'm now following.

    Hannah xoxo.

  4. She is so amazing. So chic, and so effortless, I wonder how she does it.

  5. shessss so pretty!
    i love this picture of her so beautiful and fierce :)

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  6. She is stunning ! Not only does she always look chic and elegant but she is also very smart. Cutting her hair in order to change her image was a brilliant idea and it suits her so well. As a Harry Potter fan, it is rather sad for to see her "turn her back" on the serie but it's for the best. She is woman now.

    Absolute B. from Incognito