Wednesday, 13 July 2011

It's the year 1962...

"This collection is all about the sixties."
There have been many comments made about the second installment in Fearne Cotton's clothing range for Very- criticized for its unoriginality and her 'attempt' at modelling it herself but as you know I am completely obsessed with the 1960s and this picture is the epitome of that era. I also absolutely adore her hair style here, which seems to change from week to week. I love short hair and am in the process of growing my hair to bob length, back to how it was a few years ago: sleek, smooth and very, very elegant. She looks soo graceful, the dress is so cute and pretty with the puffed sleeves and yet Fearne makes it her own with her trademark ring-on-every-finger. Complete with nude lips, a serene like pose/stare combination and looking doe-eyed, I think she looks great. With the surge of celebrities on the covers of fashion magazines instead of models, why can't she be the face of her own creation, whether or not it's a dress that has been around for decades? Fashion trends always come back around again (minus puffa jackets and platform trainers) anyway don't they? What do you make of the picture of Fearne?



  1. Well done Jessica, a brilliantly interesting & visually arresting blog. Rxo

  2. ohmygosh, those shoes. IN LOVE.
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  3. I absolutely love the 60s and the styles. Very mad Med era ...the fashion the hair and heels

  4. such a wonderful dress and picture! love the black lines at the sleeves and neckline :)

  5. Hi! found you on IFB and thank u for the FR!! just read through ur blog, LOVE it, especially how u used Gemma Ward as the top og your blog picture, I absolutely love her!

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  7. I adore 60s fashion and this photo is gorgeous. I think bits and pieces from the 80's and just about all of the 90's though in terms of fashion could be done with out. 90's hairstyles were just as bad. What happened in the 90's? haha.

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