Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sister Act

I love everything about this picture and their outfits. Firstly, those leopard print platform sandals are amazing and their effortless stance simply grasps you and your eyes. And those tights?! Only Elizabeth Jagger could pull them off. Teamed with a leather dress, they actually look stylish, although I would personally rethink the footwear. I'm more of a chunky, strappy kinda girl. I recently purchased the Carvela Annie suede platform (perfect for both summer and winter), adore my Office wedges and my favourite pair of shoes are my incredible ASOS mega high sandals. Oh how a girl can go on about shoes. Anyway, back to the gorgeousness that is the 19 year-old Georgia May Jagger. Here, she looks truly stunning and effortlessly so- those rouge tinted lips and with Lizzie's sideward stare makes for a great publicity shot. Did you notice the matching handbags- of course! They make a good picture don't they? But it's in their genes what with their mother being Jerry Hall (55!) and all. 

The women in the Jagger family seem to refrain from ageing- it's astonishing that Lizzie is 27 years of age. I personally think she looks a mere few years older than her sister...

The photograph was taken at the Hugo Boss fashion show in Berlin on Thursday night, the full story of which you can read here.

Sisterly love
I'd know all about that having 2 younger sisters myself.

What do YOU make of their outfits?



  1. I absolutely adore Elizabeth's outfit!

    The dress is great with the leather detail and I adore those stockings. I love how even though she's wearing all black, that it almost becomes a black&white theme against her pale, pale skin.

    I do get what you mean about her shoes though, I think her outfit could be made so much bolder/edgier with some chunky heels but at the same time these shoes work with the simplicity of the overall look and keep the focus on other aspects.


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  3. I like both outfits, but LOVE (and would wear) Georgia May's. I'm with you on Elizabeth's shoes. Idk about you but I always find it difficult to find heels that look good with tights, so I usually pair them with high heel boots instead. Great blog!