Thursday, 7 July 2011

Where has the sun gone?

Last week in England was absolute glorious sunshine- a rarity even during the summer months and a a result everyone was in a good mood, having garden gatherings and visiting the pub. Drinking outside in the warm summer air at ten at night without the usual necessity of a second layer is a perk all on it's own. Making the most of the beautiful weather (which was at times, almost unbearably hot) I had been lying flat on the grass in the back garden for the most part of three days. I usually save this for the annual summer holiday but the late June, early July uncharacteristically warm weather meant that I should be making the most of it and thus caught the sun incredibly easily and the result- a natural, glowing, dark tan. This made me somewhat happy and it was then, the moment my skin went from pale to a deep brown shade, that the short summer dresses, high-wasted shorts and colourful strapless tops were retrieved from the crevices of the wardrobe for good.

But then it got to Monday of this week and the sun began to hide away and then the rain started to fall - cue the storms, windy conditions and the retrieving back indoors to watch films. One of the first on the list was The Beach, which I hadn't seen before but thought was amazing- vibrant, great casting, tapping into insightful ideologies and interesting characters. It really caused me to begin thinking about life on a beach; living, co-existing with strangers, along with it's pros- there would be no need to work, no need for possessions, no need even for money.

Another on the list was the child friendly, rather cliched Aquamarine starring a young Emma Roberts. On looking at her profile on IMDb (like Twitter which I find myself constantly checking for the latest fashion news and laughs from Britain's comediennes, I have the iPhone app), I found myself instantly becoming completely captured by her beauty- long flowing locks of golden hair, petite frame, wide eyed and complementing her great choices of evening wear with that amazingly large smile. So, sharing with you now, are my favourite red carpet looks of hers. I'd never noticed before- I have become more of a fan of British beauty Emma Watson in recent years- but she is as beautiful, a talented actress and a new favourite of mine, style wise. 

My only hope is that the sun makes it's appearance again tomorrow in the same way it was this time last week, but you never know. 

There is always a film to whack on and obsess over if not. 

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. Who is your latest girl crush? What has the weather been like where you live?

At the 2011 Met Gala where I was at the time, viewing the famous faces as they arrived.

At the Beverley Hills screening of The Art of Getting By

At the launch party of Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood issue in May

At the L.A. premiere of Scream 4

 At the London premiere of Valentine's Day

At Elton John’s AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party in L.A.



  1. I absolutely adore Emma Roberts her style always seems so effortless!!!

    Well my weather is absolutely been Super HOT so I'm enjoying it but then at the same time is hard to get a good night sleep without AC in the house :(

    <3 Marina

  2. No seriously (bad weather)?! Unbelievable.. am saying this with sympathy cause I used to live in London and still miss it. but oh well I miss it a bit less then ;) Boiling boiling hot in Milano since you asked.. Going to Portofino for a swim this weekend ;)

  3. the green dress is amazing!nice post dear!kisses