Saturday, 9 July 2011

This week I have been...

Well, I say this week, this post is actually referring to last week. So sorry but bear with me- my brain must be seven days behind...

Reading The Jimmy Choo Story:

Such an interesting, gripping and exciting read and the perfect holiday or all-day sunbathing accompaniment. I would recommend that you read it, even if you don't have a keen interest in fashion as it looks thoroughly at the business, financial and entrepreneurial side of investing into the luxury goods market and the evolution of Jimmy Choo as a company, among other things. It was even named Top 10 Business Book of the Year by Booklist. If it's just gossip you are after, it also includes details of the sordid lifestyles of many. As DVF so perfectly sums it up, The Jimmy Choo Story is "Fun and powerful... like a great pair of heels."

Watching Angry Boys:

Courtesy of Chris Lilley, the Australian who created the humorous award-winning Australian mockumentary style comedy Summer Heights High, (whereby one he played a variety of characters including my favourite, a very camp drama teacher) is back with a new TV series called Angry Boys. If you haven't seen either yet, I suggest that you do as both are very, very funny. Venturing to Japan and California, as well as his native Down Under to play another varied list of characters including a controlling mum, police warden and rap star, the originality of the programme makes for very entertaining viewing. I am so pleased Lilley is back on our screens because he never fails to make me laugh.

Eating bagels:

Laden with cream cheese and topped with crispy bacon makes for the perfect substantially filling breakfast, of course accompanied with a large mug of tea. Doughy and soft, they are truly delicious. Smoked salmon always wins and cheese and onion pre-prepared sandwich filling spooned onto the seed variety is equally as yummy and better than a mundane sandwich for lunchtimes.

Listening to Time:

I love dance music and the trance element to so many tracks that make the dance floor come alive- I truly don't think there is a better way to get a party going than whacking on some classic 90s songs from the likes of Robin S, Maxwell and Haddaway. I am generally no great lover of today's music- it's been done, it's repetitive, it's just an endless stream of droning noise with hardly any singing at all, yet I love this track. It is fast paced, has a trance vibe and is perfect to both sing and dance too. Rare, don't you think?

Wearing my bikini:

Yes, yes I know I keep on about the weather but I live in England and when the sun comes out here, so do everybody's smiles.. and skin. Ok, maybe not the best thing about the warm weather but it was a genuine amazing fact that it was hot enough to strip off and venture outside to sunbathe in June!! A tan makes me happy, what can I say? If you happen to be bikini shopping at the moment or are off on a trip soon that requires one, check out ViX Swimwear which offers free postage and packaging when you spend over a certain amount and offer a beautiful and varied selection of swimsuits and two-pieces. The link to their site is on the top right. Let me know what you think!

What have you been filling your days with? Reading, eating and shopping I hope!

Happy Summer!!


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  1. Hum.. might try that Jimmy Choo book! Thanks hon!