Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bono Models for Louis Vuitton.

Yes, really... I couldn't believe my eyes when I flicked through March's issue of Vanity Fair and spotted Bono gracing the latest Louis Vuitton campaign alongside his wife Ali. There really isn't anything he cannot do- he sings, fronts countless amazing performances, is famous for his endless stream of humanitarian work and now we see him in a glossy magazine, guitar in hand, oversized tote slung over his shoulder and of course his trademark tinted sunglasses. Evidently, it wasn't all about the clothes here, oh no- this was for charitable purposes, which makes me like it more. It does look great- effortless, sexy and shot by Annie Lebowitz it would be and I do also love the fact that he is Irish because that accent literally makes me melt. So, Bono has taken a slightly different career change this month but for the same charitable purposes he is so famous for being so much a part of.


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