Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pack Up, Let's Fly Away...

2011 has been hectic from the word go and at the moment I have so much to at the same time- writing my dissertation began the never ending workload then it was onto the beginning of my Final Major Project, planning the writing for competition entries, interning, work experience, squeezing in the odd pub visit and flicking through the glossies. Plus- I have a New York/Parsons trip to think about, graduating and then turning 21 in the summer... the list really is endless.

I have been thinking about where to whisk off to for a while now as I really crave a holiday (even though my last was only August and time moves by so swiftly) and want to be somewhere amazing when I hit the big (but dreaded) 2-1. Having a birthday abroad just makes it that bit more special- my 11th (ha, seems like forever ago) in Calpe, a beautiful region on the east coast of Spain was one of the funnest times and definitely one of the best birthdays!

Walking around Chelsea whilst interning the other day I spotted a handful of planes overhead darting about the skies racing to what I imagined to be amazing locations- sunny, scorching hot, heaving with culture, cool places to eat... off on a tangent I go again. Well anyway, it got me thinking about the places I would possibly like to be for my birthday or potential destinations for the next journey I take to where the sun actually shines... one can dream, eh?

Have you been to any of these locations? What was your best ever holiday?

R i   d e   J a n e i r o
I have never had a craving to go somewhere quite as much as I have for Rio- the nightlife simply looks incredible. So that's why I want to go. Plus, it has the most breath taking architecture and perfectly golden, sandy beaches.
Carnival Street Party, Rio

B a r c e l o n a
I have actually been before and want to go back soo badly. I went a few years ago and absolutely loved it- there is so much to see and do. Art is one of my passions and it really is one of the best places to go for that- culture is everywhere, plus it has a beautiful harbour and city centre full of eclectic places to shop.
Highly recommended.
Sagrada de Familia

 S i n g a p o r e
I've never had a strong urge to go visit the east, but lately have really warmed to venturing into the unknown. I really want to sample the food, see the bright lights and explore into such a diverse part of the world.
Raffles Place, Singapore City

C y p r u s
It's just a place I want to visit- it looks so tranquil and set amongst the ruins you could explore for hours. Looks and sounds idyllic and a holiday destination I am sure I will love as much as Turkey where I have been 6 years in a row and Greek Islands I have visited twice.
Northern Peak, West of Polis

E g y p t
In fact, I'd like to go anywhere in the UAE- including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In Egypt I imagine myself lying in the scorching heat or venturing out in search of my own discoveries- either option sounds exactly like something I could do with right now! Even the North African marvel that is Marrakesh in Morocco. Sex & The City 2 made it look so exciting and adventurous- the enchanting bazaars and mysteriousness that came at night fall. It sounds like I am there already- and so I'm off again...

I s t a n b u l
I have been to Turkey many a time, as you know and I desperatley want to visit this enchanting city. Not only for picturesque views, historical value and stunning landscapes, but the atmospheric and exciting feel it has. I long to experience that. It is known for it's cosmopolitan feel, amazing architecture and fantastical nightlife- the darkened lounge bars in which to soak in the energy whilst drinking and dancing the night away. That's my perfect night and one that I want to spend in one of the best countries I have ever ventured to. The traditional way of life, places to ponder and people to meet is, for me, what makes it so special.
The Princes Islands

A s p e n
I have been to the West Coast and NYC (as well as countless American airports) so I know it is somewhere that the food is always perfect and the people friendly. As someone who loves skiing, snow and anything picturesque or sweetly charming in which to ponder, I feel this is the place I need to be as it offers all 3. Just imagine how magical it would be at Christmas time. Next on the American list is New York (which I will be visiting in April as part of a Uni competition), California and Arizona (simply for the Grand Canyon- I love a view, me!) and the latter 2 (as well as Cyprus) partly form the route of my dream travelling experience...
The St. Regis Hotel

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