Monday, 28 February 2011

Mila Mila Mila

I first saw Mila Kunis in the hilariously idiotic film Forgetting Sarah Marshall and remember thinking that she was sooo much prettier than the lead, Kristen Bell. Mila is exotic looking, more fashionable I'd say and she is everywhere at the moment since her role in The Black Swan. I'm annoyed that I haven't seen the film yet though and even more annoyed that she didn't receive an Oscar nomination. Nonetheless, she is most certainly a credible actress and a (completely gorgeous) cover star in her own right. I absolutely adore some of the shoots she has done so far- the white smokey fuelled pictures are definitely my favourites. Which are yours?

Elie Saab | The Oscars


                        W | Feb 2011


Angeleno | Feb 2011

LA Times magazine | Feb 2011 

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