Saturday, 5 February 2011

RTW... (well, not quite yet)

I have had a lot of things going on recently; it was back to Uni last week and the start of my Final Major Project and in between going out and commuting on the tube, it has been a go-go with internship hunting and dreaming about where I want to be for my 21st.

All of the above are the reasons for the lack of posts and I feel more and more guilty every time I am thinking less and less of Uni work. I have had an idea for a while now and some feature ideas have recently popped into my head so I am quietly confident and excited (if a little scared) about beginning the last project at Uni.

Even though it was surprisingly sunny on Thursday it was straight back to the wintry British weather- all grey, windy and freezing cold by Friday morning. So this is just a little post to brighten up these weeks leading up to the nights when it will still be light at 4 in the evening. I share with you, some of my picks of the best S/S ready-to-wear catwalk looks of 2011.

What were your favourite S/S looks?

Flowing Femininity

Victoria Beckham
Structured Elegance

Stella McCartney
Cutaway Shine

Peach Ruffling

Fluffy Bandeau

Floral Arrangement


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