Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mary-Kate Olsen in Beastly

With the trailers for new film Beastly now being aired on British television (and often too) I thought I spotted Mary-Kate rightly the first time I saw it, amongst the eerie darkness, who is clearly expanding her talents further into film roles after the success of her and twin sister, Ashley's new clothing line, The Row. Starring the latest British actor to appear after his success with I Am Number Four, Alex Pettyfer, (who is certainly easy on the eye, especially with his top off) plays the lead, a man put under an almighty spell by a fellow classmate (Mary-Kate) after he is malicious towards her, leaving his body and face disfigured. I'd rather not give too much away, just in case any of you are planning to see it.

I like films like this; the way they make you think about things that happen to so many people on a daily basis (minus the witch) and it kind of puts certain circumstances into perspective- love is always there no matter what. Cheesy it may sound, but it is true. This is what the trailer made me think of anyway- it made me want to watch it, as it gives out a positive message and an important one at that. Too much is about appearance and vanity and this film shows how a man can lose everything simply because his looks have changed. And later, that when any two people are in love, none of this matters. It's the feeling that counts.

Beastly is in UK cinemas from 18th April. You can watch the trailer here.

What do you think of the trailer? Is it a film you would like to see?



  1. hi,

    this is Natalie from IFB community!

    I' d love to see the movie heard about it a lot actually...!
    And I think Alex Pettyfer is even more sexy when bold))))

    following your blog!