Friday, 22 April 2011

It's Hopping Mad!



It seems everyone and I mean everyone, is getting into the Easter spirit (look out for the Ann Summer's Easter-themed advertising of their best-selling 'toy', who are even using it to their advantage, as they do the festive season). The May issue of Tatler was delightfully laden with all things rabbit and brilliantly amusing pieces related to such creatures. I adore the cover- Natalia Vodianova looking as incredible as ever (even after 3 children- there are no excuses!) with the cutest bunny ears and the colour combination- hazy grey mixed with pastel yellow and blue lettering- perfect for spring and of course, Easter time. I am getting excited for my big bag of crisps- yes, you heard right- crisps. I don't have a sweet tooth at all and a teeny tiny Celebration is enough sweetness for me in one sitting thank-you very much. Plus, I am off to New York next week as part of a Uni trip in collaboration with the Parson's new school, in which I am mirroring a student there- a talented young designer named Paige Kettering and my time has been filled with shopping for this. My new purchases include a Missoni scarf which was a complete bargain and Russell & Bromley tasseled brogues. I have not shopped like I have done over the past few weeks, in years and to be honest, it felt really good. Plus, I am glad I am not in England for the Royal Wedding because I truly am sick of hearing about it. That aside, Easter is a great time of the year and the sun shining makes everyone that little bit happier. Tatler made me happy this month and this as well as the sunshine, shopping, preparation for New York, reading a fair amount about bunnies (and eating some crisps, of course) has landed me amongst the Easter spirit filling the air- and magazines...

                                                     Tatler Nov 1988 (Jessica Rabbit, whom I am named after)


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