Sunday, 17 April 2011

This is my face:

I am sure you can empathise with me, as I'm pretty adamant many of you are in your third years at Uni (Note to first years- make the most of it!) and can understand the enormous workload, endless list of things to do which seems like a never ending pile slightly resembling a mountain which you never do get to the top of.

This is my face when I find myself with 10,000 words to write in a month and a half, as part of my FMP unit creating an entirely new magazine, plus layout, plus countless competitions to enter...

This is my face when my work, I feel, is going well- I'm on top of things at least and even if I do have to do final proof reads, competitions are typed and I have a hen weekend in Brighton to look forward to...

And this is my face when I have handed everything in, have a party in which to celebrate that night, can start to really get excited about New York and can go and do some very serious shopping.

Yay. I literally have never looked forward to a deadline so much.

The dreaded stomach-turning thought of handing in aside (a mixture of excitement, of course and a smidgen of nervousness when faced with the reality that this is the last piece of major academic work), I have a whole lot of things to look forward to this year. It is a big important and eventful one and I make myself happy just thinking about it and I want to wack on Robin S and dance wildly around the room like the much younger person I feel.

Well, when the eveing of 15th April came, this was exactly what I was doing, all washed down with a giant glass of wine. I feel this was very well deserved.

When work is done, Jessie will play and she will play hard.

Things to look forward to:

New York
Others turning 21
Birthday Parties
My 21st Birthday
Interning (and potential job)

The rest of my life

Cliched I know, but there are chapters coming to an end and lots of new doors to open...

 Who knows what could be waiting inside?



  1. Sounds like a hectic workload but I'm sure it will pay off.I'm starting university in September and I will studying Journalism, I can't wait. Lovely blog, I'm following you.


  2. Lovely blog! I'm following you!
    check out mine too