Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dress Up

As you are all fully aware, I have a long love affair with the once poshest woman in pop and now the most coveted in the fashion industry if you are woman who wants to show off her figure to the maximum and flauting it in all the right places in one of her dresses. It is of course, Victoria Beckham, who looked serene and subtely gorgeous yet eye-catching at the Royal Wedding in one of her own fluid loose-fitting creations teamed with glossy pony-tail reminiscent of the look she so confidently brought to screen during her Spice Girls days. David also looked very handsome indeed. Whilst in New York I had no interest in catching the Royal Wedding and as I explained before, felt rather relieved that I was not at home for the 'occassion' and have to confess, was also more excited about seeing Victoria's outfit then any other aspect.

Another outfit which completely blew me away was worn by Christina Ricci at the Met Gala (as previously posted), who was wrapped up in a dramatic Zac Posen gown. Seriously, she looked insanely stunning and so petite as I watched her be whisked from her car before walking to the entrance for everyone to see. For me, she was the best dressed as she was discreet and demure; it makes me like her even more. Gothic black lace has always suited her but this was sexy, grown-up red carpet glamour at it's best and she stood out beautifully. My new girl crush!


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