Sunday, 29 May 2011

LOVE it.

For a couple of weeks now my Dad has been re-decorating our bathroom (it's looking great- cream tiled walls, large cupboards and a big glass shower, although there is still a lot to be done) and today he has been working away with his iPod for company, listening to his music (a mixture of soft rock and alternative bands- The Jam, Joan Armatrading and Elbow...) and one particular song, which is one of his favourites (mine not so much)- Dancing in the City by Marshall Hain. Although, on looking at the album cover, the song of which is part of the Guilty Pleasures compilation CD's, I really loved it, instantly reminding me of a shoot entitled Distracted in the androgynous issue 4 of LOVE magazine.

Superbly styled with a glossy finish, it is expensive and professional looking even with the fun, interesting idea/poses and bright colouring. It's seriously amazing and certainly one of my favourites. I would recommend buying a copy of the issue (covered by Kate Moss and transsexual model Lea T) if you haven't already, just to lust over this shoot and to, as I do, cherish it- it takes pride of position on the top of my magazine stack amongst the issues of Wonderland, ELLE and 10.

Similar in styles- both are glossy and very, very sexy and the finish is something quite beautiful.


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