Monday, 16 May 2011

Paris November 2008

Coming to the end of my degree, I have been thinking a lot about the past three years- the opportunities I've had, the people I've met, the things I have seen and done and the places I have been lucky enough to visit. One in particular is Paris, one of my favourite cities. Initially as part of a university trip, myself and three others got a really great deal and so decided to go a day earlier to stay a night for my ex-housemate's 19th Birthday. Whilst we were there we saw La Grande Roue, The Eiffel Tower and The Arc d'Triomphe, drove along the Champs-Élysées (all lit up with blue and gold lights in time for Christmas), sadly drove through the tunnel where Princess Diana died, visited the Louvre, as well as past it's hotel at night, went clubbing in Queen, admired the window display of Louis Vuitton (laden with gold, tiny spotlights and huge LV logos), walked past Fouquet (which you can see in the background during a scene of film Taken) and sipped drinks whilst listening to the mellow sounds of an amazing band at Johnny Depp's exclusive and very private club, Le Baron. But best of all, we visited the Yves Saint Laurent couture house, of which thousands of pieces are kept (stored in huge white pull out cupboards and drawers, each garment is never touched by bare hands - white gloves are worn by handlers) and were free to roam the Patrick Delmarchier exhibition at the Grand Palais, admiring his skill as one of the most respected and well-known photographers in the world. So much was packed into just two days but meant for a great time. Here I share with you just some of what we saw throughout our short but very fulfilling Parisien adventure.

All pictures are my own so please ask for permission if you wish to use them.



  1. Quite partial to the LV window shot, the 1st Madonna's and Kate Moss shots. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photography and cute blog, I'm following :)


  3. Great selection of images loving the very first one!!! love it.


  4. great exhibition; new follower too!